Big Red Group

After such fast success, we had to consider how we would continue to grow. We knew we needed to put our customers, suppliers and employees first and connect with them how they wanted to be connected with, to ensure our growth continued.”

Naomi Simson, Co-founder

Big Red Group is on the path towards greater customer intimacy

The Big Red Group (BRG) is no stranger to blazing new trails, having evolved from RedBalloon. Founded by Naomi Simson in 2001, the experiential gifting pioneer grew quickly and soon became a well-known brand across Australia. Still, as time went on and new competitors emerged, its growth began to slow. The management team had lost their way and the organisation lacked the energy it needed to transform. So Naomi partnered with David Anderson, and together they co-founded BRG.

“After such fast success, we had to consider how we would continue to grow. We knew we needed to put our customers, suppliers and employees first and connect with them how they wanted to be connected with, to ensure our growth continued,” says Naomi Simson, Co-founder of BRG.

BRG encompasses, in addition to RedBalloon in Australia and NZ, and has made a bold push into artificial intelligence as the exclusive reseller of Albert™ in Australia and New Zealand.

These trailblazing companies have put BRG at the intersection of retail and digital marketing. It’s a space that it looks set to lead as it gets closer to customers, connects with suppliers and empowers employees with Salesforce.

Anderson, who is the CEO of BRG and Co-founder, said, “This intersection of retail and digital marketing is creating an enormous opportunity for us to scale at an entirely new pace. How we nurture customers will be key which is why we’ve partnered with Salesforce.”   


We’re not just focused on what we do, but how we do it. Salesforce has really helped us articulate that and deliver it.”

David Anderson, Founder and CEO

Unwrapping complexity for more personal customer experiences

In the short time since BRG was unveiled, it has been rewinding complexity within its businesses and getting back to basics. Layers of technology and poorly implemented applications were a source of frustration for employees and the costs were untenable. More to the point, BRG had lost connection with its customers. It acquired customers one at a time and treated them all the same. There was no differentiation as to whether someone was making their first purchase or tenth.

“We wanted to put the customer back at the heart of what we do and create a workplace we’re proud of and that attracts exceptional talent,” said Anderson.

The transition to Salesforce is at the core of this change, helping it to personalise the customer experience and scale its online marketplaces. The use of Commerce Cloud will also open the door to greater innovation.

“In the past, I couldn’t imagine a world where we could email a customer to remind them of their anniversary and recommend a gift their partner will love,” said Anderson. “Soon, creating these experiences will be standard."  

With the help of Sales Cloud, BRG will build better relationships with its corporate customers and suppliers. What was previously an inbound team, waiting to take calls, the RedBalloon sales team will have data at their fingertips to sell proactively. They can have better conversations with corporates about how they can use the platform to purchase gifts and reward employees.

When Anderson first entered the business, market managers were spending 2 days in the field every 6 months working with those who supply RedBalloon’s experiences such as spas and hot air balloon operators. Now, they are spending more time out in the field and have the information they need to drive meaningful experiences with suppliers, whether it’s in the office or in the field. They can better support them to improve their exposure and performance which has increased RedBalloon’s own business margin by several thousand dollars in less than six months.

BRG is now accelerating its transformation and aligning all of its employees towards its vision to become the leading e-commerce retailer in Australia. The business is even using Salesforce’s process of V2MOM (vision, values, methods, obstacles, and measures) to foster success.


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