As our business grows and objectives change, we’ve found we can use Salesforce for almost everything. It’s the place we go to get things done.” ”

Brad Hoyle | Operational Excellence Manager, BizCover

BizCover automates engagement and support for 200,000 small business customers

BizCover is one of the world’s leading Insurtech providers for commercial insurance. The business was founded to provide time-poor and cost-conscious small business owners an easier way to get insured. Its online service allows customers to quickly and easily compare quotes from selected leading insurers and purchase their policies right away. The service—available in Australia, the USA, New Zealand and in South Africa (launching soon)—is also used by brokers, referral partners, and white-labeled by businesses like Comparethemarket, Finder, iSelect, and more.

Salesforce helps BizCover provide exceptional service to all customers, no matter which channel they come through. It’s also helped the business automate a large part of its operations, resulting in massive increases in efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

“Our aim is to be everywhere small businesses go for their insurance and we now have a complete solution to manage their entire journey,” said Sharon Kenny, Head of Marketing and Partnerships at BizCover.

Powering intelligent workflow

BizCover began using Salesforce nearly ten years ago. It wanted a platform to help it scale and streamline operations. Salesforce was ideal as it was able to handle a number of requirements out-of-the-box. It could also be easily adapted to the business’s evolving needs. 

The business started out using Service Cloud for things like basic case management. In the years since, it's leveraged more of the platform to completely transform its ways of working. 

“We initially used Salesforce in a very manual way, like working through inbound case lists from top to bottom rather than allocating them automatically based on agents’ skills,” said Brad Hoyle, Operational Excellence Manager at BizCover. “Now, everything is heavily automated and that’s been one of the biggest advantages of Salesforce. We can let humans be humans and robots be robots, which means prioritising the high empathy work to people and using automation to do everything behind the scenes.” 

TableauCRM and Einstein help drive this automation and eliminate the need for what could add up to thousands of hours of manual work annually. For example, when new support cases come in, they’re classified by AI and automatically directed to the right queue or automatically processed. Work items are also automatically escalated to ensure service level agreements (SLAs) are met. Tableau CRM together with flows and builders in Salesforce Platform enable the automation of other processes such as the handling of failed payments. 

Hoyle explained that some businesses have entire teams dedicated to following up on failed payments. Meanwhile, BizCover’s customers receive an automated email and SMS to which they can reply and ask the business to reschedule their payment or try processing it again right away.  

Salesforce integration with BizCover’s payment gateway helps streamline this workflow and, in most cases, issues are resolved without any manual intervention.

“We experience more than 1,000 failed payments per month and more than 90% are handled automatically through Salesforce,” said Hoyle. “These kinds of efficiencies are one of the reasons we’re able to support 200,000 customers with just 16 full-time customer service employees.

Frankie, a new chatbot powered by Einstein Bots, will add to these efficiencies by providing an additional channel for self-service processing as well as serving up answers to frequently asked questions and creating cases. 

“No matter how our customers choose to interact with BizCover, we want to be there in their channel of choice, providing the same fanatical customer experience, each and every time.” Hoyle added.


Our aim is to be everywhere small businesses go for their insurance and we now have a complete solution to manage their entire journey. ”

Sharon Kenny | Head of Marketing and Partnerships, BizCover

Increasing engagement and retention

BizCover has turned to Marketing Cloud to engage customers with the right messages at the right times. These include twice yearly emails to educate customers on the types of insurance available as well as seasonal reminders to apply for flood cover. 

“Operating in the online space, there's a tendency for customers to ‘set and forget’. To prevent this from happening, we send customers highly bespoke emails which highlight other insurances relevant to their profession,” said Kenny.

Three weeks after implementing this campaign in Marketing Cloud, BizCover was already able to see results, with 4% of email respondents looking at purchasing a new policy to cover any gaps in their business insurance.

“We’ve also been able to start working with a continual testing approach, using A/B Testing to improve our call-to-actions or open rates,” adds Kenny. In fact, BizCover’s first A/B tests on the platform saw click-through on tested CTAs almost double.

BizCover is also set to go live with a new journey for renewals. Previously, renewal emails were sent from BizCovers’ insurance platform and simple things like changing email templates could take up to six weeks. Marketing Cloud, on the other hand, will allow the marketing team to make changes quickly and create more complex journeys, involving email, SMS, and outbound calls from the contact centre.

The business is using Advertising Studio and Social Studio to optimise engagement across other online channels. With Advertising Studio, for example, BizCover is able to suppress ads to existing customers and focus their marketing spend on attracting new ones. 

Data analytics and AI are central to BizCover’s continued growth and it plans to use Datorama along with its own data modelling to fine-tune the timing and content of messages. 

BizCover is already seeing great results with unique open rates averaging 50.28% (both customer and non-customer communications) against 24.8% industry average. Harnessing the power of Einstein’s AI tools within Marketing Cloud will allow the business to increase this even further.

Driving continuous improvement

BizCover is using AI more broadly to build even greater intelligence and efficiency into its business. As part of its strategy, it has integrated Salesforce with an AI-driven solution that allows for automated analysis of customer support calls. This has streamlined compliance while enabling BizCover to monitor call quality. 

The business is also using its data to continuously improve the customer experience. It reviews customer feedback daily and has a robust process to ensure any concerns or complaints are resolved the same day. This has contributed to an average NPS of +74 over the past six months with some months over 80. 

Still, BizCover is continuing to innovate and, with the help of Trailhead, it has been able to deliver many new capabilities on its own and save on consulting fees. It’s now planning to implement Experience Cloud for self-service and exploring Sales Cloud for pipeline management.

“As our business grows and objectives change, we’ve found we can use Salesforce for almost everything. It’s just the place we go to get things done,” said Hoyle.


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