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We believe every part of the supply chain should add value to the end-consumer and therefore be profitable. Salesforce helps us bring new transparency to the industry and our customers.”

Sam Gordon, Managing Director


market share gained in just 2 years of the rock oyster market


Blue Harvest shines light on seafood supply chain

Blue Harvest has brought a whole new level of transparency to the Australian seafood industry. The specialist sales and marketing agency launched 12 years ago to offer seafood producers a new way to sell their product and maximise returns. In the past, producers either sold to wholesalers direct or relied on independent brokers. No one had an end-to-end view of the supply chain and it was difficult for brokers and producers to guarantee consistent supply.

Sam Gordon, Managing Director of Blue Harvest, said the agency was founded with a mission to create value for both its producer clients and its trade customers. At the same time, it wanted to improve traceability and sustainability of the supply chain — a challenge for the seafood industry worldwide. “We believe every part of the supply chain should add value to the end-consumer and therefore be profitable,” said Gordon. “Salesforce and the Partner Community we’ve created brings new transparency to the industry and helps make that possible.”

Blue Harvest also uses Salesforce to empower its producer clients. It’s given them new tools and data to supercharge productivity and lead the industry towards a sustainable future.

Real-time visibility enabled by the cloud

The process of harvesting seafood and getting it out to market is dynamic. Each morning, producers harvest their ponds and by afternoon, the seafood is cleaned, packaged and on its way to wholesale and retail customers. Simultaneously, Blue Harvest communicates with producers and customers to manage supply and demand.

“It’s very different from cattle or sheep farming where a farmer can simply go out and count the animals in the paddock,” said Gordon. “With seafood, there’s no way to know exactly what’s in the pond until you harvest it. So you’re harvesting the seafood and selling it at the same time.”

Blue Harvest manages this process and its business on Sales Cloud. It has streamlined workflows for everything from sales and product management through to reporting and communications. It’s also able to track products all the way through the supply chain and identify trends related to supply and demand. Sharing these insights with producers and customers helps build trust and a stronger supply chain.

Producers empowered with new tools and data

One of the ways Blue Harvest collaborates with producers is through a custom Partner Community. Cloud-based and mobile friendly, it lets producers access real-time sales, marketing and case data from any location, at any time. These insights help producers make smarter decisions and maximise returns. It also helps them and Blue Harvest to manage variations in supply and demand – particularly during the Christmas season during which Blue Harvest manages the sale of 500 tonnes of prawns.

While Christmas is a peak period, Blue Harvest’s small team of eight manages the sale of an impressive 3,000 tonnes of prawns, fish and shellfish annually. It’s also expanded into the rock oyster industry where it’s now managing 30% of the industry’s production after just two years.

Next, the agency plans to add new features to its producer Partner Community and launch one for its wholesale and retail customers too. It wants to empower users to manage their orders and explore the data for new insights and trends.

“It’s all about creating value for all our stakeholders. With Salesforce, we can achieve that in a way that’s scalable and sets us up for future growth,” said Gordon.


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