Salesforce helps us nurture the right people and projects at the right times. In an industry like ours, this is absolutely invaluable.”

Matthew Armstrong, Business Development Manager

Building better business insights with Salesforce

Buildcorp is a highly successful Australian construction company, with annual revenue in the order of $400 million and a team of 300 across four business units. The thriving company’s current growth is steered by a rock-solid strategy: right partnerships, right projects, right people and right processes.

Buildcorp had little way of objectively tracking who were the right partners for their business, or what were the right projects they should be chasing. A key problem was the lack of visibility between the four business units. Buildcorp sought a way to identify, measure, track and report on the right partnerships and the right projects so that it could become more strategic in winning projects.

Buildcorp customised Salesforce to suit the unique needs of the business. They identified two very clear objectives for the platform: first, to create an ‘early warning system’ on the right projects in the pipeline; second, to see which organisations are the right partnership. Minimal data entry was a prerequisite, too.

Salesforce is helping to channel the company’s focus onto the right projects. Project details are entered into the platform, and Analytics Cloud does the work of ranking the jobs in the pipeline according to their merit. All the right data is displayed in easy-to-read visuals and can be drilled down into at the click of a button—so that Buildcorp reps don’t miss out on the right opportunities.

Now, with a click of a button, managers can gain confidence in their pipelines, challenge the validity of available opportunities, identify performance trends, and see those organisations with the potential to have the biggest impact on Buildcorp’s future success. They can access all this information anywhere, any time.

The visual nature of the analytics generated in Salesforce are helping to improve the accuracy and digestibility of data. “Dashboards have the incredible power of being an unavoidable data cleanse. Analytics Cloud generates data for informed decision-making, and forces our business development team to keep data up to date,” said Matthew Armstrong, Business Development Manager.

Buildcorp is building out its impressive pipeline. Across the group, it currently sits at about $2.6 billion—Salesforce is delivering insights into this pipeline that were previously unattainable.

“When you’re dealing with a pipeline worth billions of dollars, you need to know what’s important and what’s not. Salesforce helps us test the quality of the pipeline and make sure our business development managers are doing the best they can,” Armstrong said. “With one click, we can see all the people we’re currently working with. We’ve never had that before—and, with the complexity of our business, this was no mean feat.”

For Buildcorp, Salesforce has brought simplicity and insight. It is helping the team leverage existing partner relationships more effectively; delivering more visibility into how business units can collaborate on new projects; and serving up rich and actionable insights from Analytics Cloud.

Buildcorp is confident that Salesforce will play a growing role within the business. “What you get out of a platform like this is directly proportional to what you put in. We’re looking to continue to invest in the platform, to increase our returns.”


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