When I launched with Salesforce, it was because I knew I could trust it to help us put clients at the centre of everything we do.”

Grant Ellison, CEO

Salesforce empowers CommsChoice to put their customers first

CommsChoice works with large businesses to optimise how they connect (their telecoms) and what they connect to (their IT) to ensure that their use of communications technology is seamlessly integrated, cost-effective, convenient and continually aligned with the organisation’s overall goals. According to CommsChoice’s CEO, Grant Ellison, the company was founded with a single overarching goal: to provide optimal client-aligned strategies and solutions in an industry that traditionally hasn’t put customers first.

“When I launched with Salesforce, it was because I knew I could trust it to help us put clients at the centre of everything we do,” says Ellison. “And our experience to date has shown that we made the right choice.”

CommsChoice focuses on Australian companies that have between 200 and several thousand employees. According to Ellison, approximately 6,000 businesses fit this description.

“By narrowing down our target audience, we’re able to offer a truly specialised service that takes into account the challenges often faced by large and growing organisations,” he says.

Using Salesforce, CommsChoice is able to proactively identify potential customers and begin profiling them even before they make contact. As a result, CommsChoice staff members are able to keep conversations warm, relevant and personable from the first moment a new customer gets in touch with them.

After an initial conversation, Ellison and his colleagues perform a business connectivity assessment that takes into account where each client is, and where it wants to be. To do this, CommsChoice takes advantage of GetFeedback, an app from the Salesforce AppExchange that makes it easy to conduct online surveys.

“It’s important for us to identify each customer’s goals so that we can create a tailor-made solution,” says Ellison. “The information we gather during the business connectivity assessment goes straight into Salesforce, which helps us match the customer with the most appropriate solutions, be they optimised voice, data and mobile communications, enabling mutli-channel contact centres or automation of our clients marketing capabilities.”

To accelerate the sales pipeline, CommsChoice staff members take advantage of Salesforce Pardot. Pardot identifies promising leads and ensures that staff members contact them at appropriate intervals. It also automates the distribution of personalised emails.

To ensure customers are content with their service during this period, Ellison and his team use a ‘traffic light’ system within Salesforce. ‘Green’ customers are those that would provide a positive endorsement of CommsChoice without reservation. ‘Amber’ customers would do the same, though not with great enthusiasm. ‘Red’ customers wouldn’t provide the endorsement, and may even dissuade other potential customers.

The status of each customer is negotiated once a month, and is used alongside other metrics – such as ratings from end-of-call surveys and NPS reviews – to generate a customer satisfaction score. And Ellison is proud to report that this has remained stable at 97 percent for several years.

Over time, this redoubled commitment to maximum customer satisfaction has translated into real results. CommsChoice itself has grown by 30 percent each year since implementing Salesforce and 85 percent of its customers now outperform the ASX200.

“Our customers include market leaders in banking, health, insurance and more,” Ellison says. “So we absolutely must be a market leader when it comes to communications. Salesforce has been the key to us getting out in front and staying there.”


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