To be the best, we need the best tools and what Salesforce is able to provide is unmatched.”

Tobi Skovron | CEO


NPS from seamless, personalised customer experience


CreativeCubes.Co creates a sense of community at scale with Salesforce

CreativeCubes.Co is a collaborative coworking community inspired by CoFounder and CEO Tobi Skovron’s experience as an entrepreneur. While making a go of his startup, Skovron felt supported by friends and family, yet at the same time, he lacked a sense of community among peers.

“For many years, I felt isolated in my work and didn’t have anyone around me who could relate to the challenges that I was going through as an entrepreneur,” said Skovron. “It was when I moved into my first coworking space in Santa Monica and was surrounded by like minded people, I really came alive. I loved going to work and felt encouraged to elevate myself.” 

Returning to Australia several years later, Skovron wanted to bring a piece of that culture back and give others what had not been given to him in his career. So he started CreativeCubes.Co at his kitchen table, working alongside Shardae Mazzeo, Head of People & Culture, to create a warm, collaborative and supportive environment.

CreativeCubes.Co now supports several hundred businesses and is scaling rapidly, with a third location just opened in South Melbourne and a fourth set to open in Carlton in mid-2020. Using Salesforce, the coworking community is also excelling in its goal to create an environment where members are wrapped in happiness and supported to stay focused on what they’re most passionate about while CreativeCubes.Co takes care of everything else. In this way, CreativeCubes.Co acts as an extension of its members’ businesses, supporting them through culture, events, and service.

“Our approach is all about supporting members’ journey and giving them everything they need to run smoothly, including space for work and events, programs for wellness and fuel from our cafes,” said Mazzeo. “Salesforce helps our member focused Happiness team wear multiple hats so we can deliver on all of that and make the member experience seamless.”

Data drives more meaningful connections

Understanding members at every possible touch point is key to personalising their experience and also creating a sense of family within CreativeCubes.Co’s coworking communities. It was for this reason that the business partnered with Salesforce to establish a 360 degree of members and provide a connected experience across its four pillars of Office Space, Events, Wellness and Fuel.

“We are hyper focused on being the best and it isn’t enough just to provide beautiful spaces. We need to be intimately connected to our members and stay in front of what it is they really need,” said Skovron. “We also know that in order to be the best, we need the best tools and what Salesforce is able to provide is unmatched.”

CreativeCubes.Co is now using Salesforce to better connect with members from the moment they visit its website and sign up to request a tour. The booking process for these tours has been automated in Salesforce and includes a series of nurturing emails sent from Pardot. These emails help CreativeCubes.Co keep in touch with potential members before and after their tour and progressively grow their understanding of who those people are. What’s more, the business is consistently converting 70% of prospects that visit its new sites within two months. Of the remaining, 48% are converted within 12 months.

Small touches make a big difference

Now from day one of members joining, the Customer Happiness team is able to understand and cater to their needs in a way that’s more personal and adds value to their overall experience. This might mean leaving a note and a chocolate to wish them luck with a meeting or organising a fun office activity at the end of a big week.

“We’re consistently listening to our members and setting reminders in Salesforce, so even though we’re moving quickly and each day is so different, we’re able to stay on top of things and offer personal service,” said Mazzeo.

Managing support tickets through Service Cloud helps by allowing CreativeCubes.Co to mirror the productivity of a much larger team. It also allows the business to analyse support trends and use the data to provide members with more of what they want.

Engaging and building the community in response to COVID-19

All of the effort and commitment which has gone into creating an amazing member experience has enabled CreativeCubes.Co to retain 97% of members, even as they navigate the implications of COVID-19 and temporarily work from home. 

“We have built a loyal community and our focus now is on preserving that and keeping people engaged and excited to come back into the office,” said Skovron.

To this end, CreativeCubes.Co has retained its entire team and re-directed their focus towards supporting members online. For example, leveraging Pardot, the team keeps in frequent contact with members and is sending out communication to help them make sense of all the information and resources available to business owners right now. Consistent with its culture of creating happiness, CreativeCubes.Co is also sharing tips and recipes to support members’ health and wellbeing. The company’s yoga studio, RebelMonk, is even offering guided meditations online.

“Whether they’re online or in the office, we want to maximise the health and wellbeing of members and we’re relentless in our pursuit to deliver happiness,” said Skovron. “Having Salesforce and that shared knowledge about our members—right at our fingertips—makes that easier to do.”

In addition to supporting members, CreativeCubes.Co has been using this time to nurture relationships with its partners, including real estate companies, brokers, and tenant representatives. They are starting to have important discussions with landlords about the future of commercial property and how to fill some of the vacancies resulting from COVID-19. Skovron sees companies wanting to move away from traditional lease arrangements and choosing more flexible solutions for office space.

“What’s happening is actually speeding up the move towards co-working as there are companies out there wanting to reduce the size of their headquarters and have more of their employees working from home or satellite locations,” said Skovron. “We see an opportunity to partner with landlords and work with them on this transition while ultimately increasing the number of locations available to our members.”


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