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Heroku helps us to continuously deliver quality health care solutions with little to no effort required to support or maintain our infrastructure.”

Arthur Ong | Head of Sales and Business Development
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Curve Tomorrow turns to Salesforce to help transform one billion lives

Curve Tomorrow is a health technology company, dedicated to creating transformative digital experiences for the people that need it the most. These include apps like HeadCheck which helps parents and coaches recognise signs of concussion and AllergyPal which is used to manage care plans for  children’s allergies.

Through these apps and others, Curve Tomorrow is on a mission to impact and transform one billion lives. Salesforce is a partner in this mission with Heroku the company’s go-to platform for developing and hosting apps.

Building trusted apps

Since its founding ten years ago, Curve Tomorrow has worked alongside leading researchers and institutions like the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute to develop new digital health solutions. It offers services such as strategy and ideation as well as product design and development.

Operating in the health sector, security and data privacy are key requirements for many of the solutions that Curve Tomorrow brings to market. That’s one of the reasons that the company has chosen Heroku; all of the security features it needs are built right into the platform. These include Heroku Private Spaces which is compliant with the major security standards used to protect user data.

One app that’s been hosted on Heroku using Private Spaces is Auslan Connections+. Developed in collaboration with Expression Australia Victoria and Deaf Services Queensland, Auslan Connections+ is a web and mobile app that makes it easy for the hearing impaired to book Auslan Interpreters.

With Heroku, Curve Tomorrow is able to store the app users’ details with a high level of confidence. It has also set up automatic scaling for Auslan Connections+ which helps to ensure optimal performance at peak times during the day. The app currently has 6,000 users booking appointments and 600 available interpreters. As of December 2020, there have also been more than 11,000 bookings through the app.

Scaling impact

Another app that Curve Tomorrow has built and hosted on Heroku is WeGuide. WeGuide is designed for user engagement and data collection and can be quickly customised for different use cases. This helps Curve Tomorrow to reduce development time and save on infrastructure costs rather than building the same features over and over.

WeGuide was recently used to develop a data collection app for the Murdoch Children's Research Institute. The institute was preparing for a trial looking at the effectiveness of the Bacille Calmette-Gueri vaccine against COVID-19 and it urgently needed an app to collect participants’ data. It also wanted to communicate with participants through the app and prompt them to complete daily actions.

Developing an app of this nature would typically take six to twelve months. However, using WeGuide as a platform, Curve Tomorrow was able to work with the institute to create an app in just two and a half weeks.

Arthur Ong, Head of Sales and Business Development at Curve Tomorrow, credited Heroku for helping the company to deploy and scale apps quickly. “Our main focus is making an impact so it’s important we’re able to take innovations like HeadCheck and AllergyPal and work with our customers and partners like Salesforce to scale them globally,” he said

Continuous innovation

With Heroku, apps can be scaled vertically or horizontally in just a few clicks. This means that Curve Tomorrow can rapidly improve app performance and support new users. It can also quickly deploy any updates or enhancements in line with its agile philosophy.

One of the biggest benefits of Heroku for Curve Tomorrow is that it can do all of this without worrying about the underlying infrastructure or having to employ one or more full-time devops engineers. Instead, the company can focus its resources on building new apps.

Curve Tomorrow can also develop complex apps like Lyfe Languages in as little as one or two months. Developed and deployed in two months, the Lyfe Languages app supports the translation of complex medical terminology into Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages across Australia. This will help to improve communication and ensure more equitable care for those with rare and genetic diseases.

Ong shared that the app is one of twenty that Curve Tomorrow has built on Heroku and more are in development. The company is also planning to move more of its apps onto Heroku for hosting. This will help it to save additional time and costs which can be redirected towards its mission. 

“Heroku helps us to continuously deliver quality digital health solutions with little to no effort required to support or maintain our infrastructure,” said Ong. “What this means is we can stay focused on solving complex healthcare solutions and making more of an impact.”


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