Digital Wellness

As Salesforce becomes more embedded into our organisation, we’re able to get a more unified view of our members and better support their progress.”

Scott Penn | Founder and CEO of Digital Wellness

Digital Wellness helps more people live happier, healthier lives

Digital Wellness is on a mission to empower the wellness revolution and tackle the problem of obesity and the impact it has on individuals and healthcare systems. Its approach, based on science and digital expertise, has led to the development of a Digital Health Platform that powers the world’s most renowned and trusted weight loss brands. These include the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet in Australia as well as the Mayo Clinic Diet in the US launching in late 2021.

Scott Penn, Founder and CEO of Digital Wellness, shared that the company’s ambition is to change the lives of millions of people globally. It has turned to Salesforce to help it grow and streamline the member journey.

"What we're doing is helping people live happier, healthier lives. It's the reason why we come to work each day and why we keep looking for ways to improve. It’s also the key driver that led us to Salesforce,” said Penn.

From six platforms to one unified member view

Before implementing Salesforce, Digital Wellness' worked off six different platforms. There was no easy way to track each member's journey or personalise support. It was also difficult to identify where new members were coming from so that the marketing team could measure the effectiveness of different channels.

“We know there’s more people we can assist, but all the different platforms were holding us back. Helping members is our priority and we needed to know what was working and what wasn’t so that we could direct our time to the right areas,” said Penn.

Realising that Salesforce could solve these problems and more, Digital Wellness made the decision to consolidate all member engagement and support onto Salesforce. The implementation has involved moving off the six platforms used previously and rolling Salesforce out across the company. Once complete, this will provide the company with a unified view of each member and provide the insights and efficiencies it needs for long-term growth. These include efficiencies in areas like onboarding and services which help Digital Wellness support more members without an exponential increase in headcount.

Digital Wellness had little experience with Salesforce internally, so it partnered with Destined. This successful implementation earned Destined a Salesforce award for Customer 360 Implementation & Adoption Partner of the Year ANZ.

As part of the implementation, Destined and Digital Wellness worked together on biweekly sprints which helped transfer knowledge to Digital Wellness’ developers.

The broader team has proactively used Trailhead to learn Salesforce, completing trails specific to their roles. Dashboards have also been set up to measure Salesforce adoption, helping to drive healthy competition and more active use of the platform. In fact, the number of monthly active users has reached more than 90%.

“As Salesforce becomes more embedded into the organisation, we’re able to get a more unified view of our members and better support their progress. It’s also getting us closer to our goal of truly making an impact dealing with the issue of obesity," said Penn.

Optimising marketing spend

One of Digital Wellness’ strategies to find new members is to build digital health tools that people can use to assess their health and diet. The tools are scientifically grounded assessments which can take two to three months to build. Marketing Cloud helps to optimise the promotion of these tools and therefore lower the cost of conversion.

Early 2021, for example, Digital Wellness launched a new digital health tool with a campaign that included media and digital advertising through Advertising Studio. The campaign reached millions of people with a high volume of leads coming through to the website. Conversion was initially not as high as expected, but within 24 hours Digital Wellness was able to gather data from Salesforce to see that a significant number of leads fell outside of their target audience.

Digital Wellness was subsequently able to get the campaign back on track within a day and improve conversion.

“We had a similar issue in the past where we weren’t reaching the optimal audience, but it took us a month to collect the data we needed to work out the problem. The difference with Salesforce is that we’re able to get insights on campaigns almost instantly,” said Tracey Cornwel-Smith, Head of Marketing at Digital Wellness. For the first time, Digital Wellness has visibility of a range of other metrics it needs to optimise its sales and marketing activities. These include which channels drive the most conversion as well as behavioural metrics such as when members are most likely to upgrade.

“I’ve never had such transparency. I know exactly where leads are coming from and where conversions are happening, and it gives me confidence that our plans and projections are solid,” said Cornwel-Smith.

Samuel Samhan, Chief Financial Officer at Digital Wellness, concurred and shared that the company had confidently made the decision to increase its marketing spend, resulting in a significant increase in conversion for Q1 of 2021.

“Salesforce has given us the ability to trust in our data and make better decisions about where and how we invest to keep growing and attracting new members,” said Samhan.

Delivering a more personalised experience

Digital Wellness is now expanding its use of Salesforce to enhance the end-to-end member experience. The company has replaced 20 manual steps for onboarding with a fully automated process that allows members to get started on their program faster.

It has built out a number of email journeys with information tailored to members’ programs and areas of concern, such as type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol. The journeys also include prompts for members to weigh in, helping to drive their continued participation in the program.

“We’ve done a lot of analysis on what helps members stay with the program and we’ll be using those insights to refine our journeys and make sure we’re reaching out at the right moments,” said Samhan. “At the end of the day, we know the more members engage with the program, the more weight they lose and that leads them to stay with us longer and enjoy better health outcomes.”

Digital Wellness will soon go live with Health Cloud which will be used to manage member care plans. The company chose to deploy Health Cloud as it needed a premium member management solution to support its future scale. It expects Health Cloud will increase the efficiency of member management processes, therefore improving productivity. Together with planned partner portals on Experience Cloud, Health Cloud will also help Digital Wellness, health funds, and dietitians to better coordinate member care.

Digital Wellness is also increasing the efficiency of support, with a targeted 25% reduction in response times in FY22. It has built a new help centre on Salesforce Knowledge which features nearly 200 articles on frequently asked questions and allows members to self-serve. The member success team is also set to start using Service Cloud, allowing it to tap into members’ data to provide more personalised and efficient support. For instance, when the phone rings, the team will know instantly if the caller’s a member and will have rapid insights into their account and where they’re at in their weight loss journey. Service Cloud Einstein and Social Studio will add to these benefits by enabling member support via chat bots and social media.

Slack supports efficient collaboration by those working on these and other internal projects. It has also been especially valuable in helping team members stay connected while working remotely during the pandemic.

Making an impact

Digital Wellness has gained additional efficiencies by streamline reporting with Tableau. It has replaced spreadsheets and manual data analysis with smart dashboards that help team members visualise and drive performance. These include dashboards used to measure Salesforce adoption as well as one that connects to Xero to provide a real-time view of financial performance.

With these insights and others gained from Salesforce, Digital Wellness will continue to refine, prove, and scale its model globally.

“We want to amplify what we’re doing while keeping members at the core of our business. If we can do that, we know our members will get the right outcomes and the business benefits will follow,” said Penn.


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