With Salesforce, we spend more time with residents and less time on admin – which ultimately benefits the people we care for.”

Nick Beckett, CEO

Dimple puts resident care first with the help of Salesforce

Dimple, the largest podiatry company in Australia, helps around 36,000 residents at over 500 aged care facilities around the country – and prides itself on delivering these services with a smile.

“Quality of resident care is absolutely fundamental to us. Everything we do is geared towards ensuring that residents receive the best possible care,” said Nick Beckett, CEO, Dimple.

To reach this goal, Dimple relies on Salesforce. The company uses Salesforce to help maintain its reputation as a top performer in the podiatry field.

Initially brought on as a sales tool, Salesforce quickly evolved to become the central platform for resident care. “As early adopters, it was very important to understand what our customers needed. The platform is easy to customise and has been critical for both meeting high compliance standards and ensuring the experience we deliver to our customers is perfect.”

To help them provide the very best treatment to residents, podiatrists need real-time access to care records – particularly if, for example, a podiatrist is filling in for a colleague at another facility.

“While it didn’t impact the quality of care, this paper-based system held things up on the administrative side. Our podiatrists want to spend their time caring for residents instead of completing onerous documentation to meet compliance,” said Beckett.

The Dimple business model relies on a mobile workforce. Its 60 employed podiatrists are located all around Australia; 25 people work at the company’s head office in Melbourne. Salesforce gives the remote staff everything they need to do their jobs, from anywhere.

Each podiatrist is armed with an iPad, which gives them real-time access to their dashboards. Before they step into a resident’s room, they can pull up the full treatment history, as well as other valuable information like their date of birth or whether they’re a Medicare referral or not.

“Simple things like saying ‘happy birthday’ on the right day will put a big smile on a resident’s face.”

Salesforce helps Dimple deliver an exceptional level of service to the aged care facilities, by maintaining up-to-date records of care and enabling much faster billing cycles. Using Salesforce AppExchange app FinancialForce, Dimple can now generate invoices, within 24 hours of treatment – instead of days – which ultimately means money in the bank faster.

Due to geographic spread of staff around the country, Dimple lacks the face time with employees that most other organisations enjoy. Dimple uses Work.com to solve this issue, to align and motivate the team, and drive performance.

“Work.com is an incredibly useful tool. We use it to engage our team, to improve management, for staff communications, to reward and recognise top performers, and for coaching. It helps us keep the conversation alive, continually,” said Beckett.

Dimple also relies heavily on Chatter, which the podiatrists use to trade tips and advice, and share good news. “It’s our water cooler,” Beckett said, “And it makes everyone feel like they are collaborating as part of one team.”

Dimple has ambitious growth goals, and it expects Salesforce to be there every step of the way.

“We are extremely confident that Salesforce will continue to adapt to the changing needs of our customers,” said Beckett.

“For example, we are currently exploring ways that we can use Communities to connect with aged care facilities and provide them real-time self service access to treatment plans, Medicare and billing information.

“Along the way, Salesforce will continue to deliver remarkable efficiencies, instant availability of information, and visibility about residents’ needs. With Salesforce, we get to have more time with residents – which is the best outcome of all.”


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