With Salesforce, we can open up electric mobility to more enterprises, cities, and citizens, and help the world transition to zero-emissions transportation.”

- Hugo Pereira, Vice President Growth & Strategy van EVBox
270 employees
Salesforce customer since 2017


increase in sales from marketing leads in 2018


EVBox charges ahead with smarter processes and stronger growth

Every journey that we make in a fossil fuel-based vehicle impacts the sustainability of the planet: about 23% of all CO2 originates from the transport sector. As part of the electric mobility revolution, EVBox is helping to change this statistic and accelerate the transition to zero-emissions transportation. Every year, the company’s electric vehicle charging stations help to save about 12,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

With Salesforce, EVBox can make electric mobility a reality for more people. “The sector is seeing exponential growth; in 2018 the number of electric vehicles on the roads hit the five million mark,” said Hugo Pereira, Vice President of Growth and Strategy at EVBox. “With Salesforce, we can reduce the length of the sales cycle and enrich the electric vehicle charging experience for our customers.”

EVBox optimises its operations for rapid growth

Agility and efficiency will be key for EVBox as it ramps up its growth plans: the company wants to expand its current installed base of 70,000 charging stations to 1 million by 2025. “To build and maintain a successful and sustainable business, we need to ensure that our processes, teams, and services are optimised for growth,” said Pereira.

EVBox has already transitioned from being a European player to global leader, and now boasts the largest installed base of charging stations. “Following an acquisition, our team grew from 10 to approximately 300 people in the space of just three years,” explained Pereira. “To fuel the next wave of growth, we needed to overcome a number of operational challenges.”

Poor lead prioritisation, fragmented partner collaboration, inaccurate orders, and a protracted quote process were all threatening to steer the company off course. With Salesforce, EVBox has been able to sharpen up its processes and unlock new insights. For example, it has halved the time taken to generate a customer quote..

Unlocking greater efficiency and visibility with Salesforce

From sales and service delivery to partner management and operations, Salesforce has brought greater efficiency and visibility to EVBox, which has nine offices around the world. By the end of 2018, all of these offices were using the Salesforce platform, which was implemented and customised with the help of partner, Intigris.

“With Salesforce, we can simplify the automation of workflows and the integration of different systems,” said Pereira. “It is user-friendly and enables us to keep manual processes – and therefore errors – to a minimum.”

By integrating Salesforce with its enterprise resource planning platform, marketing automation tool, and customer billing solution, EVBox has been able to achieve end-to-end visibility of the customer journey. “With a 360-degree view, we can track leads and orders as they flow through the sales and fulfilment process,” explained Pereira.

Winning big and winning fast

By improving visibility of the sales process, EVBox has also been able to increase consistency and quality. “With Sales Cloud, we can create more accurate forecasts based on the status of individual leads and filter this based on different countries. We’ve swapped subjective sales data for qualitative sales data,” said Pereira. “We can also see if certain steps are impacting the sales cycle and make improvements.”

Making such changes has helped to improve sales performance across different channels. For example, the volume of deals generated by marketing sources increased by 100% in 2018. “With Sales Cloud, we can close deals faster, which means we can get our products out to customers faster too,” added Pereira.

Generating sharper quotes in a shorter timeframe

EVBox has also improved the accuracy and efficiency of the quoting process. A complex product suite and multiple manual steps meant that reps used to spend up to 90 minutes on a quote – and often make mistakes. These errors were sometimes only discovered at installation stage, which impacted the customer experience and the profitability of the deal.

With Salesforce CPQ, EVBox will be able to ensure that reps include the right products and services on a customer order. A visual catalogue will also encourage reps to think about the different components needed to create an end-to-end charging solution.

It currently takes 45 minutes to generate a custom quote and EVBox hopes to eventually reduce this to just 15 minutes with greater use of Salesforce CPQ. “By standardising and automating the quote process, we can provide a better customer experience. We want drivers to be excited and delighted when they use our charging stations for the first time,” said Pereira.

Partner community streamlines collaboration and boosts satisfaction

With an indirect sales model, EVBox reaches its customers – which include car park operators, cities, hotels, vehicle manufactures, and enterprise workplaces – via a network of distributors and resellers. These partners play an important role in the lead nurturing and quoting process.

“We need to be able to educate and collaborate with hundreds of partners around the globe,” explained Pereira. At the moment this is achieved through the use of multiple systems. With Experience Cloud, EVBox will be able to create a central resource for its partners, which will simplify the sales cycle.

“Our partner community will be a real differentiator; competitors can replicate your products but not your relationships,” said Pereira. “By supporting our partners better, we will be able to boost satisfaction and win more business.”

Centralised platform for customer care reduces resolution times

Partners will also be able to submit support cases via the community. With the daily volume of charging station deployments set to increase by 450% in the run-up to 2025, EVBox needs to be able to support a growing number of connected devices and customers.

“With Service Cloud, we have centralised customer care and increased the efficiency and agility of the team,” explained Pereira. For customers, this means a faster response to their queries. For example, EVBox has reduced the resolution time for the most complex support cases by 80%.

The support team at EVBox HQ handles around 4,000 general queries and cases a quarter, with an external agency covering first line support. “With Service Cloud, we can ensure we meet consistent quality standards,” said Pereira. “We can spot potential service issues in real-time and also analyse long-term trends.”

EVBox blazes a trail in green transportation

Unlocking new insights – whether they involve partner management, customer care, or the sales cycle - will help EVBox achieve its ‘making things easy’ goal for 2019. “With Salesforce, we can answer questions about our current performance and future strategy,” explained Pereira. “Even something as simple as identifying a product that is not selling can help boost our competitive advantage.”

Making smarter decisions and adopting sharper processes will help to fuel growth as EVBox heads towards its 2025 target. “With Salesforce, we can open up electric mobility to more enterprises, cities, and citizens, and help the world transition to zero-emissions transportation,” said Pereira. “At EVBox, we envision a future where everyday journeys are powered by a green charging infrastructure.”


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