Salesforce has completely transformed Exetel, and I know our customers have also noticed the change”

James Linton, Director of Corporate Sales

Australia presents a profitable, and competitive, potential market for would-be internet providers. Great success awaits companies that can offer attractive solutions at affordable prices. And that’s why Exetel entered the fray.

Exetel is Australia’s sixth-largest internet provider. The business initially focused on connecting residential customers, which provided 95 percent of its revenue. However, when price wars between two larger telecommunications providers threatened its survival, it began to expand, seeking out new opportunities to offer value to businesses.

Exetel now employs 70 staff in Sydney, and about 200 in Sri Lanka. Its products range from high-speed broadband to residential phone services. Its customers fall into three categories: residential, corporate and small businesses.

“We’ve learned the importance of being adaptable and proactive,” says James Linton, Director of Corporate Sales at Exetel. “Like the products we offer, Extel must be fast, well connected and reliable.”

When asked why he chose Salesforce, Linton responds without hesitation. He says that was always the plan. “I did, of course, investigate some other products,” he adds. “But I wasn’t surprised when I failed to find a more powerful solution. Salesforce is in a league of its own.”

Migration took about a month. For two weeks, both the old and the new systems ran in tandem – and then the older one was switched off. “It couldn’t have been easier,” says Linton.

Exetel can now route traffic from Sri Lanka directly into Sales Cloud, where customer data is securely and easily accessible from anywhere. “The immediately obvious benefit was the speed with which employees in both Sydney and Sri Lanka could access Sales Cloud,” says Linton.  

Not only had Exetel eliminated the need for an expensive dedicated link, but both support and sales staff members were able to update records in real-time.

Dashboards have empowered Linton to forecast revenue accurately, monitor employee close rates, and, most importantly, identify top performers. “We’ve been able to create a supportive company culture in which employees know that their success is rewarding for them and not just the company,” says Linton.

Sales employees, for their part, use Sales Cloud to prioritise their daily tasks. “Salesforce is smart enough to tell me which of them is most likely to result in a sale, and gives me all the information I need to make a warm and friendly call,” says one of Linton’s team.

Since adopting Salesforce, its revenue has grown by 39 percent.

As with sports cars, the rule when it comes to the internet is straightforward: faster is better. New technologies, like dedicated fibre channels, constantly elevate the upper limit of internet performance. And that means a near-constant stream of new products and promotions.

“It used to be a real headache,” says Linton. “We’d have to figure out what each customer was interested in, match them with available products, and then manually email them about current offers.”

Now the company uses Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which automates the entire process. Customers receive emails that are relevant and personalised, without Exetel staff members needing to waste valuable time writing them.

“We implemented Marketing Cloud in January of this year and it’s already paid for itself three times over,” says Linton. 

Marketing Cloud tracks which customers interact with the emails by clicking links or forwarding them. It then alerts sales staff, who can place a warm call to the customer. In conjunction with Sales Cloud, this unified approach to marketing has helped Exetel’s customer base to grow by 37 percent.

“I’ve got friends starting small businesses and I keep encouraging them to use Salesforce to manage leads and measure employee performance,” says Linton. “It’s completely transformed Exetel, and I know our customers have also noticed the change.”

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