Fisher and Paykel

Salesforce has helped us move from a product focused support model to one where the customer comes first. It’s made it easy to deliver a consistent, customer centric service experience to customers all over the world.”

Rudi Khoury, General Manager, Sales and Operations

6 Months

Decrease in time to train service agents


Fisher & Paykel reinvents its service experience for customers across the globe

More than 80 years of innovation have fueled the success of premium appliance brand, Fisher & Paykel. It’s a household name in Australia and New Zealand and now operates in 50 countries, including the UK, China and the United States.

Fisher & Paykel continues to innovate with a vision to be the most human-centred appliance brand in the world. It creates adaptable and functional products for real people living busy lives, and with Salesforce, it’s created a service experience to match.

“Salesforce has helped us move from a product focused support model to one where the customer comes first,” said Rudi Khoury, General Manager, Sales and Operations at Fisher & Paykel. “It’s made it easy to deliver a consistent, customer centric service experience to customers all over the world.”

A breakaway from legacy

Fisher & Paykel’s transformation started with a desire to deliver a better customer experience. At the time, service conversations were impersonal and inefficient. In-bound calls began with requests for serial numbers, and often involved customers repeating themselves as calls were escalated. When an issue required an on-site technician, the customer would need to stay home for a half day or longer, not knowing when the technician would arrive.

Improving this experience required new processes and technology as well as new training. Like many organisations, Fisher & Paykel had reached the point where its legacy solutions were too costly to maintain or adapt.

“The custom solutions we’d built had served us well but we didn’t have enough time or resources to keep developing those tools,” said Jon White, General Manager, IT at Fisher & Paykel.

The business wanted technology that was easy to use, maintain and implement globally. Salesforce met all these requirements. The business was also already invested in the platform, using Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud to engage customers throughout the sales cycle and beyond.

Smarter service lifts satisfaction

Today, the business has standardised global support with Service Cloud. It’s given Fisher & Paykel’s global operators a better understanding of customers, and processes to provide smarter, more personalised support.

Integration between Service Cloud and the business’ call centre technology means that operators have instant insight into the customer at the end of the phone. They can continue the conversation where the last operator left off – avoiding the need to ask the same question twice.

Service agents can also book an on-site service technician, then and there on the phone, using Click Field Service from the AppExchange. Appointment confirmations are sent automatically the evening prior and include a link where customers can track the arrival of their technician.

These new processes have transformed the service experience for customers who no longer need to waste time repeating themselves or waiting for technicians. In the UK, customer satisfaction scores have skyrocketed as a result, moving from 30% to 80%.

Global consistency yields new efficiencies

While focused on the service experience, Fisher & Paykel’s transformation has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on efficiency. Operators can use the same processes to service customers from all over the globe, reducing training from an average of nine months to just 3 weeks per operator. This has saved an average of $40,000 per operator in training costs.

White attributed some of the business’ success with using Salesforce straight out-of-the-box. “There’s a huge amount of efficiency and innovation built right into Salesforce.  By changing our processes to work with the platform – rather than the other way around – we can ride that wave of innovation and maximise its value,” he said. 


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