Foodbank Australia

Together with Salesforce we are addressing hunger in Australia.”

—Jason Hincks, CEO

Foodbank Australia employs cloud in the fight against hunger

Foodbank is one of Australia’s largest relief organisations. Its aim is to get the most food to the most people in the most efficient way, In addition to $200m in food donations annually, Foodbank gathers surplus product from farmers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers, which it redistributes to more than 2,800 welfare agencies across Australia.

The problem is, Australia is a large country. Which means cash donations are also critical for covering the cost of transportation.

There are a variety of touch-points between financial donors and the volunteers who interact with them. With no way to keep track of these interactions and their assigned owners, Foodbank was sending out a series of generic communications that were not always relevant to all audiences.

When Salesforce arrived to underpin the donation process, Foodbank immediately gained the ability to send the right message, to the right people at the right time – simple but effective! People now communicate easily with Foodbank around their specific area of interest, whether that’s donating food, money, or volunteering. Deeper engagement is driving better results. “We are delivering relevant information. It’s uncovering opportunities for them to be more involved with Foodbank,” says Jason Hincks, CEO.

With clearer insights into volunteers and donors, Foodbank can coordinate efficiently between state offices and national headquarters.  On an operational level, this means no more doubling up of effort, and more dollars channelled into the program.

Hincks says Salesforce is critical to Foodbank’s future: “Our goal is to ultimately end hunger in Australia. We can’t even begin to address this challenge without coordinating that effort in Salesforce.”


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