With Salesforce I can build and develop the business, in any currency, in any country-and manage it from my phone.”

Peter Thompson, Managing Director

A mobile ready platform integrating custom apps is the formula for success in today's digital world according to GCOMM

Australian broadband and IT managed services provider GCOMM has been bold and innovative from the start. The company was founded in 1996 in anticipation the fast adoption of workplace technologies would result in huge demand for IT services. The prediction paid off, propelling the growth of GCOMM into an award-winning technology company with more than 400 customers and 100 channel partners across Australia.

Founder and Managing Director Peter Thompson says, “We were attracted to the vision of becoming a customer company and having a complete view of all our contacts. After some deep discussions with Salesforce we realised we could achieve that and so much more.”

GCOMM chose to re-build its technology architecture around App Cloud, connecting all of its apps and customer data.

Sales Cloud provides the business with a single view of customers and allows it to better track and manage opportunities. Sales Cloud dashboards and analytics motivate performance and give managers information to guide and coach team members. Similarly, account managers are able to have better conversations with channel partners around leads and opportunities.

Also fuelling sales is marketing automation tool Pardot. GCOMM uses Pardot to develop drip campaigns and generate and nurture leads from both its websites. Qualified leads flow through to sales reps or partners – improving efficiency and conversion rates.

The company has adopted Service Cloud enthusiastically. The Network Operations team uses it to log and manage support calls. And, it’s used everywhere else in the organisation to improve internal business process. Processes are documented in Salesforce Knowledge to further improve efficiency.

Thompson explains, “Custom objects and workflows within Service Cloud have allowed us to automate dozens of internal processes. Work is faster and more efficient. Our people are accountable, but also freed up to spend more time with customers.”

GCOMM has recently set up branded Customer and Partner Communities to gain even more service efficiencies. Through these easy to use online Communities, customers and partners can create, view and update service requests themselves. They can accept answers from their peers or from a GCOMM service agent. For a more immediate response, they can use Live Chat. They can also access a wide library of Knowledge articles for self-service. The net result is a faster, more complete service experience for customers and partners and a 10% reduction in support calls for GCOMM.

“We want to make it easier for customers and partners to do business with us and provide even more options for self-service,” said Thompson.

The flexibility of App Cloud helped GCOMM achieve what it wanted; a single solution to simplify business and improve service. Among the myriad of apps connected to the platform sourced from the Salesforce AppExchange.

GCOMM is also developing custom apps and objects in Force.com. It uses the Force.com Data Loader to integrate information from third party applications, enriching data and improving business insight.

Thompson says, “Everything we need is accessible within App Cloud and also via the Salesforce1 Mobile App. We can make sales and service our customers from anywhere. We can make better, faster decisions with instant access to rich information about our business. Processes are more streamlined, making life easier for all our stakeholders.”

He continues, “The architecture we’ve constructed with Salesforce gives me unlimited power and flexibility to build and develop the business.”


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