Education HiFy

Salesforce gives us the freedom and agility to expand quickly.”

Mauricio Pucci, CEO, Education HiFy

Education travel agents now speaking the same language thanks to Education HiFy and Salesforce

Education Hi-Fy, an Australian-based education travel agent, wanted to create a cloud-based information and booking platform to connect every education travel agent and language school in the world.

“Creating a standard platform was considered almost impossible because of the industry’s complexity,” says Mauricio Pucci, CEO Education HiFy.

“We wanted to simplify the process of finding and booking international language courses, accommodation and insurance by centralising information on a highly scalable cloud platform. Security is a top priority as we deal with students’ sensitive information such as passport, credit card, flight and accommodation details. “

“Not only that, but the platform had to be mobile friendly, and available in multiple languages and currencies to make it easy to use, regardless of users’ locations.”

In January 2015, Education HiFy was launched, a booking platform based on Salesforce’s Sales and Community Clouds. The platform allows travel agents, schools and students to compare more than 5,000 language courses offered by 500 schools across 13 countries.

Travel agents can now log in to Education HiFy from a desktop, laptop or tablet to find the best deals on language courses. They can book clients into the school of their choice, and arrange payment and travel documentation, all in one place. Language schools can promote themselves by uploading videos, photos, prices and other relevant information to attract more international students.

Education HiFy includes a Salesforce Partner Community for large language schools to share information internally and with agencies. It’s fuelling collaboration between schools, agents and students like never before.

Members of the Education HiFy partner community are international education providers with multiple campuses around the world and large marketing teams. They can create a customised sales portal to advertise their courses, including prices and promotional details. Larger education travel agencies can log in and obtain information in real time; compare courses, prices and special offers; and make bookings and enrolments.

According to Pucci, this super highway of communication is delivering valuable business benefits for large language schools. “Schools’ marketing teams don’t have to contact agencies individually because the details are all there in a central place. It’s saving time and money,” he says. “And, schools can reach many more agencies, which ultimately is going to help them increase distribution and sales.”

Salesforce Customer Community Cloud is used by smaller agencies to share information and sell courses directly to students.

Agencies can log in to a Salesforce Customer Community, quickly compare pricing and promotions across multiple schools, locate the best deal for their client and provide them with a quote. The quoting process, which previously could take over an hour, can now be done in less than five minutes. Agents can book a client into the course of their choosing, and manage everything from the booking right through to payment.

“Salesforce gives us the freedom and agility to expand quickly,” says Pucci. “The next few years will see us add new countries, language and vocational schools and agents to the Education HiFy platform.”


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