We're enabling our Sales and Service organisations to work in new ways and from new places on their mobiles”

Ted Pretty, CEO

It was about 70 years ago that the humble Hills Hoist first appeared in backyards around Australia. This beloved icon of suburban life reinvented the way Australians completed a mundane household task.

Now, the company behind the Hills Hoist is rapidly transforming itself. Departing from its manufacturing roots, Hills has divested a large portfolio of manufacturing holding companies and instead is placing its focus on electronics and communications, delivering pioneering solutions into trusted environments, including homes, healthcare, education and government.

“We are changing the culture of our company, and our approach has the capacity to change the way that business operates in this country,” said Ted Pretty, CEO.

To realise this innovative vision for its future, Hills is leveraging the Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds as two key tools for growth – to connect suppliers, staff and customers in bold new ways. A new operating model supporting the end-to-end business promises to deliver a solid foundation for growth far into the future.

“Without innovation, we won’t achieve our ambitious growth objectives,” said Brad Newton, Chief Operating Officer, Hills Limited.

Given that the Hills Holdings’ legacy operating model provided limited visibility across the business, the executive team chose salesforce.com to bring a new level of connectivity to its various teams. Importantly, its best of breed cloud services and tools are enabling the business to realise its strategy of ‘One Hills’.

“Through the Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, we are unshackling our employees from the traditional places in which they have worked. They can now access all of the information and things that make them successful in their job – from their car, mobile, tablet, or other devices,” said Jeff Arndt, Group General Manager, Product.

Hills is using the Salesforce Service Cloud to better understand all of the interactions it has with its customers. It provides a common platform upon which to share data across roles and business units, with flexibility to recognise and interact with customers through multiple channels and across multiple brands.

Clients can now continue conversations or get updates about their projects, from their very first interaction with someone at Hills. With a customer base ranging from homeowners through to hospitals, education institutes and governments – with installers, integrators, consultants and suppliers in between – this visibility is crucial.

“It’s vital to have the service and sales parts of our organisation connected via a single customer platform, and to be transparent and accountable to all these stakeholders,” said Arndt.

Already, Hills is seeing remarkable improvement in its baseline business performance. Its positive financial results are a strong indicator that the company is on the right path.

As it moves from the backyard into trusted environments – driving the Internet of Customers through connected customer experiences– Hills is primed to achieve its goal of growth through transformation.

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