Hire A Hubby

Salesforce Platform is helping us to achieve our 30% year on year growth target”

Brendan Green, CEO

Hire A Hubby: Franchising on Steroids

Expanding at rate of around 30 % per year in terms of annual turnover Hire-a-Hubby CEO Brendan Green cites increasingly busy lifestyles as the biggest driver for handyman services. A common casualty of expansion is disconnection with franchises as they radiate farther away from central operations. While information resides in spreadsheets, errors and delays are inevitable.

Unwilling to compromise on efficiency, Hire A Hubby CEO Brendan Green engaged Cloud Sherpas to design and deploy what is essentially an entire franchise business on a cloud platform. Built to support uninhibited growth, Green refers to the new Salesforce system as “franchising on steroids” and claims the results have far surpassed anything he could have imagined.

Hire A Hubby has created a living set of processes from the ground up in Force.com, which it can change easily with each evolution of the business and roll out to the entire franchise network instantly. Salesforce vastly simplifies the franchise recruitment process, tracking contacts through the cycle, with each step flowing intuitively to the next.

Once on board, franchises become part of an advanced job management system that automatically pushes job alerts to them by SMS, which they can accept or decline by text reply. Call centre integration guarantees phone enquiries are never left bouncing around the system, keeping customer satisfaction high. And, Chatter opens a live stream of conversation between franchise business owners for on the spot problem solving.

Hire A Hubby keeps business performance high across regions by monitoring performance data in Salesforce. This includes instantaneous monitoring of the all-important $100K first year income guarantee.

“Franchise businesses are complex and hard to understand. Many spend hours pulling the numbers apart, analysing leads and conversion rates to figure out how successful the business is – with Salesforce we already know,“ says Green.


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