Intrepid Group

Salesforce helps us connect with our customers to deliver travel experiences they will love.”

James Thornton, CEO of Intrepid Group

Intrepid Group blazes a new trail in travel with sustainable adventures for everyone

Retaining the title of world’s largest adventure travel company requires a passion for new experiences. That’s why the Intrepid Group continues to innovate and create new ways for customers to connect with the world. This includes giving back to the places and people that it visits – something that Intrepid has always believed in. “We believe that travel can change the way people see the world, so we want to deliver experiences that keep them coming back for more,” said James Thornton, Global Managing Director of Intrepid Group. “Salesforce underpins this philosophy as it means we’re nurturing the customer relationship from the start.”

Re-emerging as an independent company after a four-year partnership, Intrepid Group had an opportunity to transform the business. The company wanted to take its vision to a like-minded audience in new international markets, but work smarter by taking customers on a more personalised journey across all its brands. The centralisation of customer data and the move to more agile systems and ways of working was the first step.

For Intrepid, Salesforce was fundamental to blazing this new trail to success. Salesforce opened the door to an entire ecosystem of partners and expertise to support Intrepid’s vision and growth. Today, all systems are cloud-based and employees work more flexibly and collaboratively from all over the world. Salesforce provides a new layer of insight and capability for smarter service and more personalised marketing. It also provides a platform for connecting new apps and partners as Intrepid Group scales internationally.

Michelle Beveridge, CIO of Intrepid Group, said “We’re reimagining all that we do to surprise and delight our customers – before, during and after their trip. We also want them to experience even more adventures with us, starting with our youth brand Geckos Adventures, graduating to off-the-beaten track places or family travel with Intrepid, or enjoying a softer landing with Peregrine Adventures.”

Thornton added, “We’re on an amazing journey to create more sustainable travel experiences for customers all over the world.”

Forging a deeper connection with its customers will support Intrepid Group’s continued expansion as well as the aims of The Intrepid Foundation. The company’s not-for-profit supports projects in areas like healthcare, education and human rights along with environmental and wildlife protection.

Travellers engage with these projects as part of their tours and then support them financially through the Foundation which matches donations dollar for dollar. With the adoption of Marketing Cloud, Intrepid plans to provide travellers with more tailored communication on the work of The Intrepid Foundation, updating them on the projects they support and suggesting new projects and destinations they can help based on their travel profile. These 1:1 communications will sustain traveller engagement as well as support the Foundation's ambitious fundraising goals.

“The transformation underway is touching every part of our business, from the projects we support through The Intrepid Foundation right through to supporting our sales staff who will be able to deliver an even better customer experience with information pushed out to them via the mobile,” said Beveridge. “It’s a journey we’re all excited to be on.”


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