Our customer experience defines who we are and, with Salesforce, we’re making it as effortless as possible.”

Scott Wilson, Managing Director & CEO

iSelect transforms to become Australia’s Life Admin Store

Blazing a new trail often involves ignoring the conventional roadblocks. For iSelect, this means continually asking the question “why not” when it comes to doing things differently. These two simple words have propelled iSelect from a small team of eight working out of a paint shop into a 700-strong team that’s helping millions of Australians with some of life’s most important purchase decisions.
Whether a customer needs the right health insurance or the best deal on a mortgage, iSelect can give them the information and confidence to make the right choice. Now, with an exciting new vision to become Australia’s Life Admin Store, iSelect is using technology to connect more customers with more of the services they need. Salesforce is helping iSelect on this path to success by giving its expert consultants the right information at their fingertips to deliver a seamless customer experience.

“Customers often come to us in the middle of a major life event. They may want health insurance for a new baby or a mortgage and utilities for a new home. Salesforce helps us capture all their needs and quickly connect them to the right products,” said Scott Wilson, Managing Director & CEO of Select.
Thanks to Salesforce, iSelect now has a single view of its customers so every consultant can see at a glance which products a customer has compared or bought in the past. This leads to smarter, more effective conversations about a wider range of products – not just the home loan or insurance the customer first enquired about. It also eliminates the need for customers to establish a new profile every time they interact with iSelect about a new product category.

Wilson said the transformation was all about making it faster and easier for customers to find the products best suited to their current needs. “Our customer experience defines who we are and, with Salesforce, we’re making it as effortless as possible. We want to remove all friction from the decision process by doing the heavy lifting for them.”

Speeding innovation

Today, iSelect serves more than 400,000 customers and delivers 6 million product comparisons each year. David Christie, Chief Administrative Officer, said the speed at which the company is transforming was based on the desire to connect with even more customers and deliver a seamless experience for all. "We want to be able to scale and bring innovation to market in real time. Salesforce will help us to do that,” said Christie.

iSelect has already started planning for a digital ecosystem where it can collaborate with its partners in real-time to speed service and time-to-market for new products. The ecosystem will also help automate workflow between iSelect and hundreds of partners across the insurance, utilities and finance industries.

Underpinned by Salesforce, the ecosystem will provide a powerful platform for iSelect to innovate and evolve.

“We’re continually challenging ourselves and adapting what we do to meet customer expectations. With Salesforce and its community of apps and partners, we’ll be able to get out in front and continue to disrupt the industry,” said Wilson.


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