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Providing the best connections between customers and other third parties requires an extraordinary level of insight. Salesforce lets us capture the data we need to make our customers successful.”

Hardeep Girn, Managing Director and CEO

Face-to-face connections spell success for Know My Business and its customers

Today’s businesses have unprecedented ability to connect with their customers online but in many instances it’s the first face-to-face connection that matters most. Know My Business was founded on this ideal and now the Sydney-based company is building connections all over Australia and eyeing expansion overseas. “We introduce our customers – in-person – to prospects, partners, or suppliers who can fuel their success. The strength of our data and relationships is what helps us identify which partnerships are going to be effective. All of this is managed on Salesforce,” said Hardeep Girn, Managing Director and CEO of Know My Business.

The company has used Sales Cloud from the start to manage its relationships. It now has a rich database of contacts and organisations all across Australia. So chances are, if you’re a recruitment firm in Sydney looking for a pharmaceutical firm in Melbourne, Know My Business can make that connection. Salesforce helps it do so with efficiency and precision, delighting customers with faster, more meaningful connections.

Know My Business has big ambitions and is growing fast. Salesforce helps it manage this growth without the need to double staff, starting with lead management. Many of the company’s leads come from its website where they flow straight into Salesforce via Web-to-Lead. It also gathers leads from its sister business, Know My Life, which specialises in capturing individuals’ life stories through film production.

Know My Business filters leads and sets up face-to-face meetings with prospects, converting 8 out of 10 to customers. Several of these are on-boarded each week with consultants out in the field using Sales Cloud to digitally capture customer information.

Using Conga from the Salesforce Platform, consultants can instantly turn this information into a branded business plan which they can then present or email to clients. At the click of a button, they can also overlay the information with Know My Business’ entire database of contacts. Potential connections for each customer can be identified on the spot, leading to faster introductions and customer success.

“Providing the best connections between customers and other third parties requires an extraordinary level of insight. Salesforce lets us capture the data we need to make our customers successful,” said Hardeep.

Know My Business earns ongoing commissions from the connections it builds. It tracks these commissions and issues quarterly invoices to customers in Salesforce using its accounting software. It also meets with customers quarterly to revisit their business plans. With 70 active customers this year and a target of 400 for next, this can consume a considerable amount of time.

In addition to tracking commissions and capacity, Know My Business also uses Salesforce dashboards and reports to gain insights on performance and make decisions on pricing.

Know My Business has plans to extend its reach across the globe and deliver 800 introductions in 2017. “Salesforce has helped us build a very scalable business. We believe we can grow four or five times our current size with just two additional people,” said Hardeep.

The company is currently building out its network of influencers, from New South Wales to New York. Next, it has plans to roll out Pardot for lead scoring and nurturing.

“We want to get more sophisticated in how we target new customers and be more proactive in identifying opportunities for our existing ones. With Pardot, we can run separate campaigns for different market segments and really focus our efforts on our top leads. It’s a critical next step as we look to achieve 800 introductions next year,” said Hardeep.


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