Kris Pedersen Mortgages

A growing business inevitably gets growing pains. Salesforce eliminates these pains.”

Kris Pedersen, Director

NZ mortgage broker sold on sensational customer service

Kris Pedersen is something of a superstar in the New Zealand mortgage broking industry. One of the top five brokers in the country, he is a sought-after speaker and adviser to some of New Zealand’s most successful property investors.

Like many others in the mortgage broking industry, Pedersen started out on his own. Yet it wasn’t long before his innate talent for helping customers grow their property portfolios paid off. Kris Pedersens Mortgages (KPM) has grown from a one-man-band into a thriving business that offers much more than just mortgages.

With this growth came a need to transform the way that KPM manages customer relationships. The transformation has been achieved using Salesforce.

Proactive customer service

Potential customers find KPM via various channels. Pedersen speaks regularly at property investment forums and seminars. He publishes popular eBooks on property investing. And KPM has two websites that help generate leads.

From all of these channels, prospects are captured and nurtured on Salesforce. Whether they are a first-time investor or have 150+ properties in their portfolio, they receive a premium level of proactive customer service.

For example, if KPM sends out a broker newsletter, the team can track clicks to the website using Pardot point scoring. Business development managers receive alerts about ‘hot’ prospects to keep an eye on.

Emails are sent out automatically at predetermined stages to foster goodwill and strengthen the KPM brand. The sales team receives alerts when it’s time to call a customer to follow-up on a loan, or to respond to a customer enquiry.

“In the mortgage game, there can be a lot of urgency. People go to auctions on weekends and often have questions they want answered then and there. Via Salesforce, we can see who needs help – our ability to answer them quickly can make all the difference to whether they use KPM or not.”

As customers move deeper into the funnel, Salesforce helps KPM maintain the personal touch even as the business grows.

“No-one likes to ring a business and have the salesperson at the other end have no clue about what’s going on. Now, no matter who picks up the phone, we can bring up a customer’s record and answer their questions quickly and intelligently. This has been a huge improvement,” said Pedersen.

The strength to scale

Beyond this ability to offer the very best customer service, Salesforce has given KPM the confidence to diversify the business into new areas.

The analytics and reporting out of Salesforce has been extremely valuable. “Our ability to analyse data over time is making it so much easier to see where we – and our customers – are at. We can track our team’s performance more effectively, too. We can see whether they are actually being efficient when they say they are busy – if they’re not, we can train them better,” Pedersen said.

“With Salesforce, we have more trust in our ability to grow. For example, we can tap into our 5,000-strong database and cross-sell new offerings like insurance or property management. We can easily customise the platform to reflect these new lines of business, too.”

Proven results

KPM has recorded massive growth in recent years. In FY17, the business wrote $180m in loans, almost double the $110m in loans in FY15. Significantly, this growth was achieved with 25 per cent less staff – a nod to the efficiency of Salesforce.

Much of this growth is coming through referrals. KPM has received more referrals in the last quarter of FY17 than it did in the previous 18 months. Pedersen puts this down to better customer service. “The way we interact with clients is getting better by the day – and this is worth its weight in gold.”

With Salesforce, Pedersen feels that he can delegate a lot more. He no longer feels that he needs to meet every single customer, and has brought in a new General Manager. “I would not have had the confidence to do this without Salesforce. With this great backbone, we truly have the ability to scale the business.”


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