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Salesforce has given us a platform that enables us to be as efficient as possible and we can pass that value on to our clients.”

Nam Truong | Digital and Innovation

Law Squared streamlines the delivery of legal services with Salesforce

Founded in Australia in 2016, Law Squared is a global leader in NewLaw which is loosely defined as a new and innovative approach to delivering legal services. Law Squared likes to do things differently in many respects and prioritises its team and client relationships above everything. This is evident in the firm’s transparent approach to billing; it offers a valued based fee model instead of operating on billable hours and has removed all hierarchy and individual financial metrics as a measure of performance. 

“Law Squared exists for three core reasons: one to change the conversation people typically have about lawyers;  two to provide an unparalleled work environment and culture; and three to build deep relationships with clients to the extent they become friends,” said Nam Truong who leads the Digital + Innovation team at Law Squared.

The Digital + Innovation team at Law Squared supports all of these goals by creating the best digital experience for clients and lawyers. Salesforce helps to power that experience and connects the firm’s systems and data to streamline operations. 

“Salesforce has given us a platform that enables us to be as efficient as possible and we can pass that value on to our clients,” said Truong.

New technology ecosystem automates workflow

Law Squared previously had a collection of siloed systems which each served their own purpose, but the lack of integration created duplication of effort and data.

When Truong joined the firm and considered its digital strategy, he decided to rebuild its system architecture with Salesforce at the core. 

“We wanted a system that was most technically mature and we felt that Salesforce was miles ahead in terms of its capabilities and flexibility as a platform for our business needs today and those of the future,” said Truong. 

Law Squared partnered with Salesforce consulting partner Skie to build a fully integrated technology ecosystem in just three months. Client data is centralised in Sales Cloud and then directed automatically to the firm’s other systems, including Xero for accounting, Microsoft SharePoint for document management, and Qwilr for proposal generation. 

The holistic solution has streamlined the end-to-end management of legal services, from client onboarding to the delivery of legal services to invoicing. For example, information gathered during discovery sessions is added directly to Sales Cloud and used to create proposals with a click of a button. This has halved the time to prepare proposals and customers can now view and sign them on their mobile, ultimately allowing work to commence sooner.  

Finally, once work is complete, lawyers can trigger the creation of invoices inside Salesforce rather than sending requests to the accounts team. Removing this manual touchpoint from the process has saved the accounts team a substantial amount of time, allowing them to focus on matters of greater value and importance to the firm. 

Law Squared also manages trust accounting through Salesforce. This highly regulated activity is managed by most firms using an industry-specific platform, but with the custom workflows available within Sales Cloud, the firm has built a fully compliant solution of its own enabling significant efficiencies for both the legal team and accounting team. 

“While there are a lot of great legal technology platforms out there, these are either specific for law firms, or for in house counsel teams. Given the uniqueness of Law Squared and its business model we chose to bring together the best-in-class solutions that meet our needs, and integrate them with Salesforce,” said Truong.

Digital + Innovation team drives continuous improvement

In many ways, Law Squared’s transformation is just beginning. The Digital + Innovation team is working alongside lawyers to identify ways to improve their digital experience, whether by simplifying workflows or adding new automations. It is also working with the marketing team to fully leverage Account Engagement from Salesforce and nurture clients with more automated and dynamic communication. “Salesforce also future proofs our expansion into the UK and New Zealand markets, ensuring we have best-in-class platforms and processes at our core,” said Truong.

Beyond that, there are a number of opportunities to improve the client’s digital experience. These include integrating with client systems for more automated service delivery and engaging with clients through portals on Experience Cloud. 

“The data we’re currently collecting in Salesforce will give us better insight into the level of service we provide and how we can deliver even more value to clients,” said Truong. “The great thing is that we know whatever our clients want, with Salesforce, we can achieve it.”


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