Salesforce is the only platform capable of taking us from one country to the world in 90 days.”

Richard Hugo-Hamman, Executive Chairman

There’s a lot more to running a small law firm than simply renting an office space and hanging up a sign. There are employees to look after, impeccable records to maintain, and complex cases to manage. Time spent on admin can skyrocket – leaving harried lawyers wondering why they didn’t go and work for a big corporate law firm instead.

LEAP Legal Software (LEAP) makes life a lot easier for these law firms. The cloud-based legal software automates many of their admin tasks, freeing them up to focus on client services instead. To date, more than 6,000 small law firms around the world have signed up to use LEAP—hard evidence of the fact that it works.

As a software company itself, LEAP has exceptionally high standards when it comes to technology. It has been using Salesforce for ten years now, to give clients the very best service and give its sales team the best chance of sealing new deals.

When a law firm signs up to use LEAP, they are committing to a new way of managing their business. Think paperless records, automated timesheets, a mobile workforce and more.

To ease the transition, LEAP starts nurturing prospects early on with Pardot. It feeds potential clients thought-leadership articles and whitepapers as soon as their details are captured via the website, an email or a webinar.

“Before Pardot, we were very inefficient. We’d send out an email campaign to 10,000 recipients, and then have a meeting to work out who we should start phoning. Should we start at ‘A’ or ‘Z’? With Pardot, we know within minutes who we should be phoning,” said Richard Hugo-Hamman, Executive Chairman, LEAP.

This transparency is proving to be a powerful asset. “The efficiency of our sales team has doubled – as has their job satisfaction because they are involved in a high-return activity. There are no more cold calls.”

Once clients have signed up to use LEAP, they gain access to rich support via Salesforce. It doesn’t matter where the client is located around the world—support is only ever a mouse-click or a phone-call away.

The minute a client signs up with LEAP, Marketing Cloud sends an onboarding email to start the customer on their journey. The contents of this email is determined by previously captured content in Pardot, and includes login details for the customer to join the online Community where they can chat with other customers, self-service and receive support.

Live chat support is managed in the US, UK and Australia via the Salesforce platform. By locating support in different regions, LEAP spreads the load—there are more people to answer calls at all times of the day and night, which means faster call resolution for clients.

Using Communities and Marketing Cloud, LEAP automatically suggests articles to clients based on their user behaviour. It’s all about helping these clients to help themselves, which improves their experience and in turn reduces the burden on the LEAP support team. LEAP videos, live chat and client feedback are all integrated into the platform.

As one would expect from a company servicing the legal profession, data accuracy is a top priority. “The single most important decision we have made relating to Salesforce is that every piece of information has to be true. We maintain a company-wide commitment to data accuracy,” said Hugo-Hamman.

LEAP now has complete visibility and accountability into every client in the pipeline. The technology leader has raised the bar, leveraging Salesforce’s connected suite of products to engage with customers in new ways.

The world has opened up to this ground-breaking legal software firm and, as Hugo-Hamman said, “There is no way we could have developed at the lightning speed we have without Salesforce. Salesforce is not just a CRM. It’s our core business platform.”


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