As Australia’s first online financial planner, Salesforce allows us to provide individualised financial advice and service cost effectively to people who might otherwise not be able to access it.”

Vince Scully, CEO

Online financial planner Life Sherpa delivers the right advice to customers with Salesforce

Life Sherpa is an online-only financial advice company that launched in Australia in February 2015. The founder, Vince Scully, has invested in the best platform to run the Life Sherpa website and connect with customers. And Salesforce sits at the heart of the system and service experience.

Life Sherpa was born from Scully’s realisation that good financial advice should be available to people who don’t have much money.

“There are many Australians who don’t quite earn enough to interest traditional financial planners or to invest in property or shares, but want a leg-up on the road to financial freedom,” he said.

Via a low-cost subscription service, members can access the vast array of educational information on the Life Sherpa website and get a direct line to their own Sherpa, or finance coach.

“We use a psychological profiling tool to measure 13 attributes – like altruism, risk, and anxiety – to put you into one of nine money personalities. The advice we give you and the content you receive matches your personality and works towards your version of success,” Scully explained.

Down the track, when these people are in a better position to invest, Life Sherpa can help with home loans, superannuation, insurances and more.

There are currently about 2,200 members – Scully anticipates that this will grow to 20,000 members by year five.

Salesforce has been in place from the day that Life Sherpa launched.

Marketing automation is crucial to the Life Sherpa business model. With traffic being driven via Facebook and SEM campaigns, Scully needed a system that would kick-start lead nurturing without requiring too much human intervention – while still delivering exceptional customer service.

Using Pardot, people who sign up for the free trial of Life Sherpa are automatically sent a number of pre-arranged emails. It all starts with a welcome, and then moves into more tailored content depending on the customer’s ‘money personality’ and behaviour on the site. Essentially, Pardot lets Life Sherpa create one-to-one customer journeys.

Once a customer is onboard with Life Sherpa, they expect to receive meaningful advice from their Sherpa. Given this, Sherpas need to know everything about the members they look after. Sales Cloud facilitates this by capturing every interaction that the member has with Life Sherpa – from emails to web browsing to phone and online meetings.

“We also rely on tasks to route customer enquiries to the relevant Sherpa, or to create escalation plans. It’s all designed so that we have instant access to our members’ histories wherever we are. We know about every call they’ve made, every document we’ve sent them, and where they’ve been on the website.”

Armed with this knowledge, Sherpas can provide a much more personalised service to each and every customer.

Rounding out the Salesforce solution at Life Sherpa are two Salesforce AppExchange apps.

The first is Conga, a document management system that gives Scully and his team easy control over the many statements of advice, financial services guides and compliance documents.

The second is New Voice Media. “Everyone calls 1300 MYSHERPA. If you’re in our Salesforce system then New Voice Media will recognise your number and automatically direct your call to your personal Sherpa,” said Scully.

Salesforce lets Life Sherpa deliver a premium quality of customer service from the outset.

“Given that we have no face-to-face interactions with our members, it is very important that we deliver the best customer service we can. Our Sherpas aren’t salespeople – rather, they are online coaches that are holding people’s hands on a learning journey,” he said.

“We know that Salesforce is the future for us. We’ve set the platform up for long-term growth and we have complete confidence in its scalability.”


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