Medical Resale

Working across time zones can be difficult and slow down the flow of information but with Salesforce we don’t miss a beat.”

Dane Shelford, Business Manager

Efficiency boost from Salesforce helps medical equipment company tap global growth

Medical Resale International is in the business of helping healthcare institutions resale and procure used medical equipment. The idea for the company was born out of the disappointment of constantly seeing valuable medical equipment landing on the scrapheap. With a lack resources to find buyers and transport equipment, hospitals and clinics are often left with a choice to dump it or hoard it. Medical Resale presents a better option by making it easy for institutions to resale the equipment; in fact, an option so compelling that, until recently, the New Zealand-based company struggled to keep pace with global demand.

“The business we’re in really comes down to relationships. We’ve worked hard to build a global network of sellers and buyers. Our challenge was maintaining these relationships,” says Dane Shelford, Business Manager at Medical Resale International. “We were delivering a good financial return to customers but admin was a headache and we struggled to keep up with demand. Salesforce changed all that.”

The company looked far and wide for a solution and unsuccessfully tried a handful of CRMs before resorting to a spreadsheet. Shelford says, “The spreadsheet was ultimately a disaster. No one was updating it and it quickly became defunct. It was around this time I started to explore Salesforce.”

For Medical Resale, one of the most important benefits of Sales Cloud was the ability to completely customise it for their business. Shelford says, “We have a unique business model and a small global team that’s always on the move. So we’ve created custom objects that enable us to work efficiency from anywhere.”

One of these is a custom Opportunity object that makes it easy for the sales team to load an opportunity or lead into Sales Cloud using the Salesforce1 Mobile App. Fields are customised so the team can quickly add the information they need for their business, including details about medical equipment to be sold or traded. Once the opportunity is created, the sales team can immediately assign actions or tasks to the administration team. The process is streamlined and work flows quickly through the company.

Additional custom objects capture data that helps Medical Resale speed the trade and resale of equipment and deliver maximum return for customers. This includes buyer details and quotes and pricing information. The company also uses an object for integration with Gmail to seamlessly save correspondence to contact or opportunity records.

Sales Cloud gives Medical Resale everything it needs to manage relationships and opportunities and it’s all available on the go through the Salesforce1 Mobile App. This has powered a surge of efficiency through the business and helped connect the highly mobile team.

Shelford says, “Using Salesforce has increased our efficiency by more than 30 per cent. Working across time zones can be difficult and slow down the flow of information but with Salesforce we basically don’t miss a beat. Our customers are a lot happier and we are selling and trading much faster.”

The boost in efficiency means the company no longer has to turn down opportunities. “Jobs that used to take five or six hours now take 20 minutes. This has given us infinite capacity to take on more work and grow the business.”

Medical Resale relies on customised dashboards and reports in Sales Cloud to manage this growth, tracking leads and opportunities and even KPIs. Shelford says, “We can instantly see what’s in our pipeline and track our conversion rate. Sales Cloud integrates with our accounting system as well so we can get a full view of our financials. It really keeps us focussed and motivates performance.”


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