As a small business with a target to keep growing 40% YoY, we couldn’t keep doing things manually. Adopting Salesforce provided a way for us to scale and meet our goals.”

Chloe Chadwick | Marketing and Communications Manager


Increase in Service Response Rate


MyConnect makes moving easy for more customers

MyConnect makes moving easier for renters and home buyers by streamlining the process of connecting utilities. Rather than spending time on hold to speak with multiple service providers, customers can organise everything they need with a single phone call, including electricity, gas, water, internet and even insurance. All of the customer’s utilities are then connected on an agreed day and if there are any changes, MyConnect helps customers cover related expenses.

This stress-free customer experience has helped MyConnect repeatedly grow 40% YOY. The business is using Salesforce to sustain this growth after outpacing its previous CRM.   

“As a small business with a target to keep growing 40% YoY, we couldn’t keep doing things manually,” said Chloe Chadwick, Marketing and Communications Manager, MyConnect. “Adopting Salesforce provided a way for us to scale and meet our goals.”

New and unexpected capabilities

When MyConnect first rolled out Sales Cloud its focus was on performance; it wanted Sales Cloud to mirror the functionality of its old CRM, but be able to handle more data. So it customised Sales Cloud and used it in this way before realising it was missing out on other advantages provided by Salesforce.

“We initially didn’t know everything we would be able to do using Salesforce or what doors it would open. Once we did, we were able to modify our processes to maximise how Salesforce was designed to work and be much more effective,” said Jarryd Smyth, MyConnect’s Salesforce Administrator.

MyConnect has now automated its sales process. Referrals, which were once faxed in by real estate agents, can be submitted via a web form and go right into Salesforce. Agents can also share contacts directly from Inspect Real Estate and PropertyMe software which has been integrated with Salesforce through an API. These solutions improve the flow of opportunities and help ensure that sales reps get the information they need to pursue them in real-time.

Powerful personalisation

In addition to leveraging automation, MyConnect has ignited growth by using Marketing Cloud to personalise campaigns and customer journeys. In the past, it would send the same email to renters and buyers as well as those who had used its service and those that hadn't. Using Marketing Cloud, it can segment these different audiences and tailor its messaging to strengthen customer relationships .

With MyConnect sending up to 50,000 emails per month, the impact of personalisation has been huge. The business has increased the number of customers who sign up for its service online and maintained better engagement with those who have used its service in the past. It has also improved relationships with real estate agents through initiatives like welcome journeys sent in agents’ preferred languages. This has increased conversion rates with some customers from 10% to approximately 50%.

“We have seen a lot of growth and success by staying front of mind with people and saying the right things in the right way and that’s something that we couldn’t do before using Marketing Cloud,” said Chadwick.

Connecting customers and utilities at scale

MyConnect has had to evolve more of its internal processes to keep pace with this growth and make service seamless. One thing that has made a big difference is using Salesforce Platform to integrate with systems used by utility partners to manage connection requests. This lets MyConnect submit requests and receive an almost instant response so they can sign customers up for multiple services and arrange for them to be connected as fast as the next day.  

The business has gained additional efficiencies by using DocuSign from the AppExchange to formalise its contracts with utility partners. It has a standard template which is completed and signed by partners using DocuSign and then fed right back into Salesforce where it is attached to each partner’s record.

“All the different apps on the AppExchange and the ability to integrate Salesforce with other systems helps us meet different challenges as we grow. When we’re faced with a new problem, we just need to do a bit of research and there’s usually an existing app or integration that will solve it,” said Smyth.

This kind of resourcefulness together with the use of Trailhead has helped Smyth and Chadwick blaze their own trails to success. Smyth worked in sales at MyConnect before he became interested in “getting under the hood” of Salesforce and helping the business use it to further increase sales and efficiency. He developed his skills through Trailhead and became a Salesforce Certified Administrator. Chadwick used Trailhead as a way to learn and fully leverage the capabilities of Marketing Cloud. She’s more recently found it to be an invaluable training resource and onboarding tool for a new member of the marketing team.  

“Over the last six months, Trailhead has helped us to really define the customer journey and use Salesforce to change the way we sell,” said Chadwick. “When you look at all of the free training Trailhead provides and what it allows you to do, it’s incredible.”


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