Salesforce helps us by providing a central point of intelligence we can use to support customers globally. It makes service more predictive and aware, helping us provide an exceptional experience.”

Jason Titman, Chief Operating Officer

Neto models exceptional experience for retailers in Australia and beyond

Like most entrepreneurial success stories, Neto provides an easy solution to its customers’ most challenging problem. In this case, the challenge is one it experienced itself. Starting out as an online retailer, Neto struggled to efficiently scale and was adding a new staff member for every 100 orders.

To grow more efficiently, Neto needed a solution to manage all the different aspects of its retail business, so it built one itself. The platform is now used by more than 3,000 customers globally to manage all their back-end processes and sell across every channel, including online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

“Neto provides an efficient way for retailers to grow their business, and Salesforce does the same for us,” said Jason Titman, Chief Operating Officer of Neto. “It gives us a single customer view and helps us scale without adding headcount.”

Single platform powers streamlined journeys

Before Salesforce, Neto managed sales on one platform and service on another. There was no visibility of the customer between teams, leading to delays and a fragmented customer experience. “We had instances where a customer would call in and be put on hold while employees got together to exchange information,” said Titman. “We knew things would only get more difficult as we grew and we needed one platform to manage all our interactions.”

The implementation of Sales Cloud and then Service Cloud shortly after has streamlined the customer journey. Leads are referred by partners or come in via the web and then managed in Sales Cloud. This allows Neto to better forecast and manage pipeline while gaining new insights to personalise every touchpoint.

“Salesforce has really transformed our reporting. From a sales and marketing perspective, we can better categorise revenue and attribute it to different channels, so we can see where we are doing well and where we need to improve,” said Titman.

Creating a central point of intelligence

Neto is now starting to monitor and analyse trends in customer satisfaction. And since the introduction of Service Cloud and New Voice Media from the AppExchange, service and response times are trending in the right direction. Customers call in and the customer success team can instantly see their name and history, and provide faster, more tailored support.

Community Cloud has helped Neto to improve service further while minimising support costs. It underpins a new internal support hub and access to Neto’s partner portal. The support hub incorporates Salesforce Knowledge and helps employees quickly surface information to provide faster, smarter support. The use of Einstein and Live Agent in the future will make service even more efficient.

“As a competitively priced subscription business we’re always looking for ways to bring down the cost of service,” said Titman. “Salesforce helps us by providing a central point of intelligence we can use to support customers globally. It makes service more predictive and aware, helping us provide an exceptional experience.”

Neto’s partner portal also supports a better experience for referral and implementation partners. They can log on to the portal to enter leads and track their progress through to conversion and onboarding. They can also send referral emails to customers and direct them to online trials.

Titman said while the business could have built the portal on its own platform, it made the decision to build on Salesforce. “We ultimately decided it was best to have everything on one platform. That was one of the  key reasons we chose to partner with Salesforce and it has delivered the scale and capabilities we need,” said Titman.


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