Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the brains of our social CRM strategy.”

Ravel Lai, IT director for Pizza Hut, PHD, and KFC franchises in Asia | Jardine Restaurant Group

One of Asia’s largest restaurant groups is bringing a “customer mania” culture to mobile and digital marketing, while Salesforce Marketing Cloud delivers the brains.

Ravel Lai, Jardine Restaurant Group’s IT director for Pizza Hut, PHD, and KFC franchises in Asia, believes there’s no longer just CRM. “It’s all social CRM,” he said, highlighting a growing expanse of digital geography that CRM must integrate to keep up with social-loving mobile customers.

Lai also leads Jardine Group’s digital marketing strategy to deliver intelligent customer experiences across the Group’s 300+ fast-food outlets in Asia.

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud steering a complex social CRM programme linking business data to mobile apps, Pizza Hut has blurred the lines between IT and marketing to serve up a ‘smart’ mobile experience to pizza lovers.

Pizza Hut’s loyalty app provides quick access to points for customers to share with friends or use to buy ‘express’ tickets to jump in-store queues. Points are proving to be a great success for business, increasing activity among customers who redeem their points by 50%. The app syncs with the online ordering platform to let customers save their favourite pizzas, view previous orders, and receive offers and digital coupons. And in a move that integrates Pizza Hut’s in-store experience with apps, the company has rolled out iBeacon Bluetooth technology to send digital coupons, special offers and discounts to customer smartphones.

The Pizza Hut loyalty app has been downloaded by 350,000 customers since its introduction in June 2015, helping to boost sales by 28%.

Pizza Hut was first to introduce online ordering in 2006 and mobile apps in 2010. Now having digitised its entire membership and closed the loop on customer engagement, Pizza Hut has once again set the standard for digital marketing in Asia’s billion dollar fast-food industry.

Lai pitched Salesforce Marketing Cloud as the centrepiece of complex technology architecture that integrated ordering systems, in-store POS, a loyalty engine, segmentation and big data analysis, apps, EDMs and SMS alerts.

The level of integration would challenge most marketers, but coming from the technical side of the business, Lai was unfazed.

“Within IT we only want two things – efficiency and effectiveness. Today’s  customers are technology-driven and respond well to new offerings and promotions,” he said.

With Social CRM in play, Pizza Hut has eliminated paper-based coupons and switched 200,000 customers from membership cards to its loyalty app. But the bigger play is using data to drive targeted offers to increase sales.

With Marketing Cloud’s Journey Builder, Pizza Hut maps customer journeys across apps, building flows and gateways for targeted offers based on customer response.

At each step of the journey, Pizza Hut adds triggers for new offers, alerts, and coupons in response to events like membership sign-up, pizza orders, points sharing, and interactions online.

Pizza Hut loyalty members are signing up at a rate of thousands a month, with current membership today standing at 420,000. “I’ve already achieved my KPIs for the year,” said Lai.

Next up for Lai is the addition of new promotions that build on current journeys managed in Marketing Cloud, including a gold membership journey and birthday promotions. Lucky draw coupons and online promotions are also on the menu.

“We know so much more than we did before,” said Lai. “It’s really exciting for us to link customer data and mobile apps, and to understand the connection between customers and purchase triggers.”

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