With Salesforce, we are able to take the best of each local counseling service and combine it into a single system-based set of processes.”

QLife began as a project to counsel and support Australia’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) community members, wherever they are. It brings together five state-based counselling services to provide a nationwide support service through a single 1800 number, website and online chat. They offer anonymous counselling for mental health issues, discrimination, relationships, isolation and dealing with coming out. Ross Jacobs, Clinical Director for QLife tells it simply. “With Salesforce we are able to take the best of each local counselling service and combine it into a single system-based set of processes, while adding innovation-based options like live chat.” This vision has been realised through Service Cloud built on Salesforce Platform. Now, when someone calls from outback QLD, or chooses the Live Chat option from the QLife website, Service Cloud works in the background to connect them to an available counselor. Service Cloud delivers knowledge into the hands of that counselor as they converse with the caller through on screen access to a growing knowledge library and resources linking back to local areas. The results since implementing Service Cloud are impressive. QLife’s ability to manage call volumes has gone up. Calls to Qlife are up by 23% in just nine months 7,000 calls and that figure expected to grow by another ten percent in the next year.


With Salesforce, we can go from the national level and reach back down to the volunteer level quickly and easily.”

QLife can offer support for mental health issues to a point, and beyond that it needs to refer callers on to their appropriate mental health service where they live for continued support. Counselors are managing these referral processes seamlessly in Service Cloud. Salesforce Communities is a way to extend the value of Service Cloud to volunteers with customised content geared specifically towards enabling them. It’s an interactive place to access information, peer source answers, submit cases and chat to other volunteers in private social networking-style feeds. “Communities is a great place for us to share information and reach all of the QLife project. We can go from the national level and reach back down to the volunteer level quickly and easily,” Jacobs says. Volunteering can get lonely for those located in smaller centres. The conversation layer integrated into Communities – Chatter, links volunteers across Australia. “Our use of Chatter is unique compared to other Salesforce customers in Australia. We use it primarily as a connection space. It’s not about sales or contacts. It’s about people who are based in five different centres being able to connect with each other,” Jacobs says. Salesforce1 Mobile, is keeping conversations alive on the go. Through a customised call log function, built within Salesforce1 Mobile, volunteers enter demographic information and a general outline of their call. That information flows through to a supervisor for a fast response. Now all volunteers, no matter where they are, get active supervision on calls when they need it, and supervisors are more engaged with volunteers’ performance.
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