SalesforceIQ gives us relationship intelligence. What’s more, Salesforce has the scale and technology to help us grow.”

Marc Cowper, Founder & CEO

Social media steers the commerce world into unchartered waters almost daily. Search engine marketing, social media marketing and other digital strategies are continually rewriting the rules of engagement. Within all this social noise, brands have no way of easily identifying the customers that are recommending them to friends.

These issues drove entrepreneur and digital advertising expert Marc Cowper to re-think the model. How could brands cut through the ‘content marketing’ clutter to pair the power of social media with good old-fashioned word of mouth referrals? His answer: Recomazing.

This start-up lets friends find and store their favourite business recommendations, or ‘Recos’, in one shared location – meaning no more relying on reviews from randoms. Brands benefit by having a free service to reach new customers and, more importantly, identify the valuable referrers. The company is in an aggressive growth phase, and Cowper has chosen SalesforceIQ to steer this progress.

Recomazing is like many other tech start-ups. It began as a one-man-band when Cowper was developing the minimum viable product (MVP). Once Recomazing was ready to sell to brands and investors, Cowper scoured his LinkedIn network and started building lists of prospects.

To manage these lists, he initially relied on Excel. “It got to the point where I had 16 tabs on my spreadsheet. It was quite painful, but I was working to a budget. As the Recomazing team grew, it quickly became evident that spreadsheets wouldn’t cut it, as they didn’t have syncing, tagging or other rich functionality,” said Cowper.

As Recomazing’s lead list grew in size and complexity – and as more people joined the team – Cowper looked for a new solution. The main criteria: team collaboration, accountability and of course relationship marketing.

SalesforceIQ automatically tracks and analyses the day-to-day interactions that drive Recomazing’s growth. It creates a unified address book for the team, tracks progress by process or pipeline, and generates real-time relationship insights.

As leads move through the Recomazing pipeline – some much faster than others – Cowper and his team can easily collaborate; see who has reached out to who, and when; and take appropriate action.

Recomazing is using SalesforceIQ beyond the sales funnel to nurture and support existing customer relationships.

“We use SalesforceIQ in every area of the business to make sure that all customers receive the very best experience and appropriate support from us. We also use it to capture important client feedback, which provides invaluable insights to help us refine our service,” explained Cowper.

Similar to the sales funnel, exiting customers are sent scheduled emails – this time, though, the content includes results, research and updates to help them get the most from the Recomazing platform.

Media relationships are managed using SalesforceIQ, too. The results are telling – the start-up has secured coverage in some of Australia’s preeminent advertising and brand publications, including Adnews, BandT, Cnet, Business Review Weekly; as well as speaking engagements at prominent industry events.

In addition to building out the sales pipeline, SalesforceIQ has also generated significant time savings – not only from its in-built efficiencies, but also from its collaborative commenting and communications features. “It all adds up to take hours off everyone’s day – we are all up-to-date, all of the time.”

“The most attractive thing about SalesforceIQ is that it gives a start-up like Recomazing best practice relationship marketing. At some point, I won’t be able to be a part of every conversation – with SalesforceIQ, I don’t need to be,” said Cowper.

“Recomazing is ready to be world-class. Salesforce has the scale and technology to help us grow very simply, without any disruption to the business.”

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