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We want customers to have confidence all the way through their journey which is why we’re using Salesforce to take communication and service to the next level.”

Marius Mrugala, Business Systems Manager


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Resimax embraces Salesforce to drive up productivity and take service to the next level

The Resimax Group is driven by a singular vision to go beyond all expectations when it comes to customer satisfaction and business efficiency. This manifests itself in carefully crafted land and property development systems as well as a superior customer experience for each and every client. Whether a customer is purchasing their first home or adding another property to their investment portfolio, Resimax provides personal support for every step of their journey. This includes advice on the simple things like paint colours through to education on finance.

“We want customers to have clarity and confidence all the way through their journey which is why we’re using Salesforce to take communication and service to the next level,” said Marius Mrugala, Business Systems Manager at Resimax Group.

Resimax is also transforming sales and operations to improve the experience of employees. With a 360-degree view of customers and streamlined tasks, they’re working to build the property business of tomorrow.

Streamlining the sales journey

Resimax first turned to Salesforce to improve lead management and business efficiency. The business promotes multiple developments at once and wanted to make it easier to seamlessly allocate and connect leads with the right rep. Additionally, it needed to better qualify leads and deliver nurture strategies. Sales reps were managing up to 45 opportunities per day; Resimax wanted to make sure they were equipped with a system that facilitated efficiency while delivering outstanding customer service.

“We’ve used Sales Cloud to redesign our sales process and it is so easy that some of the sales team were literally speechless when they saw it. Everything reps need to do has been made more efficient with extensive automations, pull down menus and talk-to-text. Sales reps can update lead information, create tasks and appointments, and send confirmation emails without even typing – all done from a single screen,” said Mrugala.

All information and sales activities are recorded in Salesforce and help Resimax better understand its customers and what drives their decisions. It can then personalise their experience with the relevant communication and invites to events. Also, once customers are ready to buy, reps are able to finalise all details of the sale and create the contracts using Salesforce. This ensures accuracy when it comes to the finer points of the deal such as custom paint, floor design and variations. It also helps automate back-end processes like the calculation of commission.

“The business has grown rapidly over the past two years and we’ve increased headcount by 80%. Automated processes and daily reporting for management are critical to keeping operations on track,” said Mrugala. “Management also have the information they need to drive productivity and sales.”

Keeping customers close

Signing the contract on a new property is an exciting milestone, but for those buying into a development it is often the start of a longer journey.

Mrugala shared that this journey can be unsettling for first home buyers and investors who are unable to come and see the progress themselves. He said, “We’ve realised the importance of keeping customers informed and we are using Salesforce to provide more regular updates. Simple things like sending new photos with each invoice provide a better customer experience and help us build trust.”

Resimax is currently using extensive custom flows in Sales Cloud as well as Conga Composer, SMS Magic and Gimballogic from the Salesforce AppExchange to automate and enhance communication to customers. Resimax has committed to switch on Pardot next which will help to improve marketing automation, customer engagement and reporting.

Mrugala is leading the expansion of Salesforce within Resimax, having already completed a number of Salesforce hosted admin, app building and programming courses, and designing and implementing Sales Cloud largely himself. “Salesforce offers great education and support, and I simply committed myself to learning. Seeing the power of Salesforce and what we can do with it continues to inspire and motivate me every day,” he said.


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