With just five sales reps across Australia, we've had to find efficiency through automation. Using Salesforce helps us work smarter and react faster to customer needs.”

Hans De Jong, Head of Consumer Electronics, Sharp Australia


increase in the number of monthly store visits by sales reps


Sharp dials up efficiency for field reps with automation and analytics

Sharp is on a mission to bring its innovative solutions to the everyday lives of Australians. It sounds simple for a world leading electronics manufacturer, but the reality is much more complex. As a small team in a dynamic retail market, Sharp has turned to Salesforce to get ahead.

“With just five reps across Australia, we've had to find efficiency through automation,” said Hans De Jong, Head of Consumer Electronics at Sharp Australia. “Using Salesforce helps us work smarter and react faster to customer needs.”

Connecting with customers in the field and beyond

Salesforce has given Sharp a flexible platform to help scale its business. It powers automated processes and intelligent insights on sales and service. While Salesforce is currently used by Sharp’s sales team and help desk there are plans to leverage it further.

“We wanted a solution that could work across multiple aspects of the business, and help us better understand all our customers. The flexibility of Salesforce made it ideal,” said De Jong.

With Field Service Lightning, Salesforce also meets Sharp’s need for greater productivity and intelligence in the field. Sales reps use the Field Service Lightning mobile app to optimise each day. It helps them to better schedule, prioritise and plan for customer visits, and run these meetings more efficiently.

The app together with the future use of Einstein Analytics will provide reps with more visibility into customers’ purchasing history and how Sharp’s products are performing in each store. These insights are key as reps are no longer directly selling, but focused on strengthening relationships and helping shape retailers’ success.

“In the past, our reps spent most of their time in the field capturing customer orders. They also did all their own reporting and analysis prior to each store visit. What we’re planning to do is automate that analysis through Einstein so it is all ready for them when they walk into the store,” said De Jong.

Analytics will help guide each store visit with reps able to demonstrate to retailers which products are performing well and which could be doing better. Using the Field Service app, they’ll also be able to capture information like Sharp’s share of shelf and competitor pricing.

De Jong said that while sales reps collected data in the past, they could now be more strategic. “Rather than continually asking customers all the same questions, we can set tasks to collect specific information from specific stores. We can also react to information much faster with new pricing and promotions.”

Transforming for scale

Field Service Lightning has significantly reduced the time reps spend on planning and reporting. More importantly, it has brought greater consistency and efficiency to Sharp’s sales approach, helping reps make the most of their time spent with customers.

De Jong anticipates that this will ultimately allow field reps to increase their number of monthly customer visits by 30%. Also, as the company scales and needs to bring on new reps, they’ll be able to hit the ground running.

“By transforming our approach to sales, it will be much easier for us to scale and expand in the future,” said De Jong. “In a dynamic market, that flexibility to move fast is crucial.”


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