The insights we’re able to deliver via Analytics Cloud is driving a philosophical shift in the way retailers and vendors see us and the value we’re able to provide will only get stronger.”

Dion Stojsavljevic, General Manager

Analytics shine light on new possibilities for TIC Group's solvup

For more than 25 years, TIC Group has worked behind the scenes of the retail industry, helping customers create process efficiency, reduce operational costs and divert valuable products otherwise destined for landfill. Its solutions range from garment hanger re-use, reverse logistics and mattress recycling with one of the initiatives being solvup.

solvup is simplifying the way retailers like JB HI-FI handle the repair and replacement of faulty goods. Drawing on information from its global network of vendors and repairers, it helps retailers troubleshoot issues at the point of return. If this fails, solvup supports the retailer through the process of either replacing the product or getting it repaired and back into the hands of the customer.

The team at solvup came across the Salesforce Analytics Cloud just as it completed a failed trial of another business intelligent tool. “We had difficulty finding a solution that could handle the complexity of our data set. With Analytics Cloud, this was no longer an issue. It has a unique way of handling the labelling and mapping of data so it’s easy to get started straight away,” said Dion Stojsavljevic, General Manager.

Analytics Cloud also offered a seamless user experience and a way for solvup to secure and control access for different user groups. solvup clients can now go in and slice and dice their own data and set up dashboards to monitor performance or spot issues as they occur. The ability for clients to self-service has freed up nearly 1 employee in just 12 months. Analysts can spend less time running reports and more time identifying useful patterns and insights.

One of the most powerful benefits of Analytics Cloud is that it gives solvup a daily view of the top ten issues across every product, retailer and vendor on its platform. Managers can then drill down into these issues and identify if there are any similarities or root causes that could be solved by troubleshooting.

“There was a particular fitness device that was being returned to retailers in high numbers. We were able to spot this in Analytics Cloud and get on top of the issue quickly,” said Dion.

In this instance, solvup was able to identify an easy fix that retailers could communicate to customers at the point of return. Customers could keep using their device rather than handing them back to be sent off for repair. Additionally, retailers were able to save on shipping and repair costs.

solvup is now working with vendors to resolve more issues as they arise and give retailers greater information to improve troubleshooting and fix issues immediately. “In just 12 months, we were able to save nearly 8,000  kilogrammes of carbon dioxide simply by helping three of our retailers to fix more mobile phones at the point of return. This is equivalent to what a family car would pump out driving twice continuously around Australia,” said Dion.

The analytics capability of solvup has become a key selling point for its overall solution and has opened the door to closer partnerships with vendors and repairers. “The insights we’re able to deliver via Analytics Clouds is driving a philosophical shift in the way retailers and vendors see us and the value we’re able to provide will only get stronger.”

Uncovering all of these hidden insights has allowed solvup to create new revenue streams and solve bigger business problems above and beyond the repair of individual products.

Next, solvup has plans to create industry benchmarks against customer service, operational costs and savings, and sustainability. It will be able to show retailers and suppliers how they measure up against these benchmarks and work with them proactively to improve their rating.


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