Sound Property Group

Our aim is source and secure high performing real estate investments, but also make life easier for clients and our partners. Salesforce is key to the superior level of service we can offer and has helped us to grow.”

Andrew Cull, Managing Director and Founder, Sound Property Group

Sound Property Group grows with Salesforce and simplifies investing for 250 partners in the professional services industry

Investing in property is complex, and achieving the right outcome involves collaboration amongst several stakeholders. That’s why Sound Property Group provides services not only to investors, but to their advisors, including accountants, financial advisors and mortgage brokers.

The business is on a mission to be the leading property investment partner for professional services firms. With 250 partners secured in just six years, it’s blazing a trail to success.

“Our aim is to provide excellent returns on investments, but also to make life easier for clients and partners,” said Andrew Cull, Managing Director and Founder of Sound Property Group. “Salesforce is key to the superior level of service we can offer and has helped us to grow.”

Smarter sales and personal service

Sound Property Group turned to Salesforce early on, adopting Sales Cloud to manage sales and stay close to clients. It has provided an efficient way to track opportunities and gather the insights needed to serve a greater number of clients.

“By capturing as much information as we can about our clients’ investment objectives, we can be more successful in converting opportunities. We can also offer solutions that are more tailored to their goals, and financial position,” said Cull.

The company has customised Sales Cloud over the years and added custom objects which help it to manage investment projects as well as sales. Property details, key documents and important dates are all centrally stored in Sales Cloud and can be quickly reported on. This provides transparency for clients and partners and ensures nothing gets missed — whether it’s a payment to be made or tax document to be filed.

Closer collaboration

The expertise and efficiency offered by Sound Property Group has made it an ideal partner for professional services firms whose clients are seeking an investment property. Together with accountants, financial advisers, brokers or all three, it can help clients find the right properties and make sound investments. It also helps simplify the processing and reporting involved.

In addition to all these benefits, the client and partner experience is hugely important and part of what drives the company’s continued referrals. This is why Sound Property Group has used Community Cloud to improve collaboration and enable self-service. It has established a portal where clients and partners can log in and find information on each of their investments. They can also add their own documents to the portal, giving them a single point of truth they can tap into anytime to manage their investments.

Cull said the portal helped connect everyone involved in the investment process and was much more efficient than sending emails back and forth. “With Community Cloud we can better engage with our stakeholders and provide a level of service and professionalism one might expect from a much larger organisation,” he said.

Impressively, Sound Property Group’s boutique agency is able to provide a tailored service to all of its clients and 250 partners. Using Salesforce and apps from the Salesforce AppExchange—including Breadwinner in the future— the company continues to create new efficiencies and the capabilities to take on new markets.

“We’re constantly evolving and know that Salesforce is right there evolving alongside us and supporting our growth,” concluded Cull.


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