With Salesforce we’re breaking down boundaries and transforming grassroots sports clubs.”

Glen McGoldrick, CEO

Grassroots sport goes digital with SportsTG connecting local sporting communities like never before

SportsTG is set to revolutionise the world of grassroots sport. Already, 85% of the Australian grassroots market uses its digital platforms to manage memberships and events. Now, the company is on an unstoppable mission to change the way sports clubs, their participants, and communities interact on a daily basis.

“Grassroots sport is part of the very fabric of Australia with 8.5 million people playing one or more sports. We wanted to be first to put a stake in the ground and redefine the way grassroots is run – both here and overseas,” said Glen McGoldrick, CEO of SportsTG.

This ambition drove McGoldrick to seek a merger with FOX SPORTS PULSE while still CEO of IMG Sports Technology Group. IMG has long been a trailblazer in technology for the industry and works with some of the nation’s top sporting clubs and National Sporting Organisations, including the Australian Football League. Merging with another market leader would allow it to multiply its success and take grassroots sport into the digital age faster.

The newly formed company just needed the right technology partner to future proof its investment. “Instead of continuing to develop all our own IP, we wanted to focus on what we do best and then partner with others who could accelerate our mission. It was a quantum shift in mindset that led us to Salesforce and its vibrant ecosystem of partners,” said McGoldrick.

With a platform for rapid design and development of new apps, Salesforce supported SportsTG's need for speed. And partners like WalkMe have made it easy to drive adoption and maximise productivity for volunteers.

SportsTG kickstarts change with powerful mobile app built on Heroku

The new “Game Day” app by SportsTG lets participants and their fans interact with clubs in a whole new way. SportsTG’s 6 million registered users can manage their participation in one or more club sports. Parents can find out where and when their child is playing next and follow the score in real-time. Soon, they’ll be able to connect with others to volunteer for canteen duty or find out who’s bringing the half-time snacks.

Game Day is the first of many apps from SportsTG that will help clubs more fully engage with their communities and supercharge productivity for volunteers. The News Corp backed company also plans to transform the way grassroots sport uses data and analytics. Applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) for example will help to unlock new insights on how to keep kids involved in sport longer. It can also be used for more simple but powerful tasks such as pinpointing the best time and location for matches so as to reduce travel time for all involved.

“Capabilities like AI have traditionally been the domain of professional sports but with Salesforce we’re breaking down those boundaries and transforming grassroots clubs,” said McGoldrick.


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