St John NSW

Salesforce has improved the customer experience so we can grow sales and focus on what matters – helping the community.”

Gary MacLachlan, General Manager Sales and Commercial Services

St John NSW supports more people in times of need with Salesforce

St John NSW has a rich history of helping Australians in times of need. Its volunteers are familiar – and very welcome – faces at everything from sporting events to music festivals, doing everything from cleaning up cuts and abrasions, to providing a safe place for people to sit awhile. In 2016, over 5,800 community events both large and small were made safe by St John NSW volunteers.

To fund its volunteer program, St John NSW relies on income from the sale of its first aid kits and courses. Indeed, in 2016 over 160,000 first aid kits and 500 defibrillators were sold, and around 50,000 students were trained in first aid, with the proceeds going to the volunteer program.

Selling kits requires a successful sales team; and for a successful sales team St John NSW is using Salesforce. Now, St John NSW can focus on making a difference in the community instead of wasting valuable time and resources on admin.

Invoices falling through the cracks

St John NSW needed to re-think its approach to sales, as its manual sales processes were causing invoices to fall through the cracks.

Its field service team – which has the job of travelling to 9,000 customer sites around NSW to re-stock first aid kits – used to manually complete order sheets. These forms would be stored in the back of their vans until the end of the week, when they were handed over to administrative staff.

Often, invoices wouldn’t get sent out to customers for weeks – if at all – and St Johns NSW was missing out on crucial funds that would otherwise go to their volunteer programs. At month’s end, there was a mad scramble as the field reps rushed to get invoices sent to meet their targets.

“Everything was paper-based, from the list of customers our field sales team had to visit, to the forms that captured the sales. By the time customers finally got an invoice, they’d be thinking, ‘What on earth was that for?’”, said Gary MacLachlan, General Manager Sales and Commercial Services.

“It was slow, messy and inefficient. I had no visibility into sales or upcoming bookings. We needed a different approach.”

Salesforce streamlines processes

St John NSW selected Salesforce to transform its approach to sales and field services.

Every member of the field team has been equipped with a tablet that has a customised version of Salesforce Field Service loaded on it. Individual team members – who work from home, and drive out to see customers each day – can plan ahead, with complete visibility into the jobs booked in for the day or the week.

“Importantly, customers are automatically notified that our guys are coming out to restock their first aid kits. We don’t have to waste time on the phone,” said MacLachlan.

Once a St John NSW rep has replenished a customer’s first aid kit, product quantities are entered into Salesforce and an invoice is automatically generated. The customer gets it straight away.

What’s more, service reps can now automatically reschedule appointments to check in with customers on a monthly, quarterly or six-monthly basis. Automatic reminders are sent to customers one week prior, so if they need to reschedule the reps have plenty of notice. Plus, inbuilt geotracking of jobs gives management a clear view of where reps are at any time.

Behind the scenes, Salesforce is also being used by St John NSW business development managers to manage the pipeline and follow up on leads generated by the call centre.

Salesforce steers growth

Since implementing Salesforce, sales have skyrocketed. From 2015 to 2016, sales grew 22%; and St John NSW is set for another 20% growth in 2017. MacLachlan attributes much of this success to Salesforce.

“Salesforce helps us provide much more timely, efficient and professional service to our existing customers, and it helps us to nurture new customer leads more effectively,” he said.

The St John NSW team has grown from seven to 12 staff during this time, with two of the previous admin roles being converted into hybrid roles to cover over tasks. Ultimately, this growth means that everyday people out in the community are reaping the benefit of having more St John volunteers at events like the City to Surf or free first aid in schools program.

“Salesforce has helped remove a large amount of admin, and improved the customer experience so that we can grow sales,” said MacLachlan.

“Ultimately, this growth in sales means the community benefits. With more funds behind us, we can support more volunteer programs and help build more resilient communities.”


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