Starlight Children's Foundation

We want to be an organisation that’s smart, agile and mobile. Working with Salesforce is helping us achieve exactly that.”

Louise Baxter, CEO

Starlight brightens the lives of seriously ill children with Salesforce

For a child, going to hospital can be frightening and it is easy for them to get lost in their illness. It’s also difficult for parents and siblings who are anxious, exhausted and spending each day in a sterile hospital. This is why Starlight Children’s Foundation steps in to brighten the lives of seriously ill children and their families. With programs like its Starlight Express Rooms, Captain Starlight, and wish granting experiences, Starlight helps seriously ill children to be kids again and interact with siblings in a fun environment. It also gives parents a break, letting them enjoy the relief of seeing their child with a smile on their face.

Louise Baxter, CEO of Starlight Children’s Foundation, said technology will play a crucial role in helping it to scale its mission and bring joy to the lives of more families. Against this backdrop, it’s partnered with Salesforce and developed a bold vision and roadmap to double its fundraising over the next three years.

“We want to be an organisation that’s smart, agile and mobile. Working with Salesforce has helped us achieve exactly that and connect with the community more deeply,” Baxter said.

Providing every child the right to play

From its inception, Starlight has pioneered the use of positive psychology and distractive therapies to support children and families through the toughest of times. All of its programs are based in the latest research. The Starlight Express Rooms are a world away from the hospital where kids can go and play. The performance techniques of Captain Starlight engage children and distract from their current environment. Starlight has also introduced which helps combat loneliness and isolation by connecting adolescents in a safe environment. They can ask questions and share their fears while supporting one another.

Each program is delivered with purpose and has a positive social return on investment. Starlight’s partnership with Salesforce is about scaling its impact and making a positive difference to everyone in its community.

Already, Salesforce is providing Starlight with a more complete view of its community. So whether an individual is an ill child, an affected family member, a donor or volunteer, the Starlight team can interact with them in a more personal and meaningful way.

Salesforce is also helping Starlight build out consistent and replicable processes so that it can work smarter and focus on what it does best; brightening the lives of seriously ill children and their families.

“As a Trailblazer, we’re never stopping and always looking at what’s new and what can enable us to more put more of the human into what we do. That’s what Salesforce is about and we’re proud to partner with them on our journey,” said Baxter.



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