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Our vision is for a more sustainable model for funding education. With Salesforce, we can rapidly scale our solution to help more individuals upskill or gain qualifications.””

Brett Shanley, Co-Founder and CEO of Study Loans


Month on month increase in loan applications


Study Loans finances the future of a growing number of students

As the education sector evolves to bridge the skills gap in Australia, Study Loans has taken the lead on funding. Understanding that learning is now a lifelong necessity, the startup saw a need and an opportunity to address the lack of private funding. Brett Shanley, Co-Founder and CEO of Study Loans, said students needed better options so they could pursue tertiary education – and contribute to the economy – without amassing unsustainable debt.

“Our vision is for a more sustainable model for funding education. Government and private enterprise both play a part in this, and with Salesforce, we can rapidly scale our solution to help more individuals upskill or gain qualifications,” said Shanley.

Startup expands rapidly as Salesforce helps to onboard new partners

Study Loans is the only specialist provider of student finance in Australia with a credit engine purpose built based on student behaviour. It is not simply re-branding personal loans but providing tailored finance for courses students are likely to complete. That finance is broken into what Shanley refers to as slices which students can access at set milestones throughout their course. This pay-as-you-go model ultimately allows students to pay less whilst studying and then more after they gain qualification.

“Our credit engine is built on 40 years’ of education data and takes into account a range of factors to predict behaviour. We analyse the borrower’s potential to secure a job or a pay rise in their chosen field and geographical location,” said Shanley. “The more likely they are to complete the course and go on to earn more money, the more likely they are to pay their debt.”

The course itself is a determinant of success which is why Study Loans only lends to students undertaking approved courses with its education partners. These include more than 60 leading educational institutions and, thanks to the support of Salesforce, that number is quickly growing.

The startup turned to Salesforce early on for a way to manage its vast database of potential partners. It now uses Sales Cloud to manage leads and opportunities as well as the onboarding of new partners. The automated workflows support Study Loans to work fast and efficiently. In fact, its small team onboarded 40 new education providers in less than 8 months, expanding the number of courses it funds to over 400. That’s four times the number of courses Study Loans launched with in September 2017 and the more recent adoption of Pardot is anticipated to accelerate that growth even more.

“We want to quickly expand our offering to cover 1,000 courses, and that means strengthening and building out our partner network,” said Shanley. “Pardot helps us to nurture these relationships, complementing the work of our business development managers out in the field.”

Study Loans gains speed as it connects business on Salesforce

Study Loans is investing in the future and building a new loan management system with Cloud Lending from the Salesforce AppExchange. This will underpin Study Loan’s progressive, data-driven model and allow it to offer a truly cloud-based lending solution. It will also support the lender to automate more of its processes and efficiently scale to support more students. Also, by using Cloud Lending and apps like Conga Composer and Twilio from the AppExchange, Study Loans will be able to connect its entire back office and extract more value from its data in Salesforce.

“Technology can make or break a business and we only have one shot to get out ahead of other disruptors and make an impact. Salesforce gives us a trusted platform that we can tailor to our needs without hiring dozens of developers,” said Shanley. “It’s helping us address the current challenges with funding education and support more students to reach their full potential.”


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