Tall Poppy

The more we can lower the cost of customer acquisition, the more value we can provide to our customers and that will allow us to grow even further.”

Michael Cummins | Chief Operating Officer, Tall Poppy

Tall Poppy offers Kiwis a fresh and fair approach to real estate

Tall Poppy is a New Zealand-based business on a mission to disrupt the real estate industry. As its name suggests, the business is challenging the status quo and believes that customers deserve a better service and a fairer price. By investing in people and embracing technology, Tall Poppy is able to deliver both of these things and it’s expanding quickly with multiple agents joining every month. 

Michael Cummins, Chief Operating Officer at Tall Poppy, highlighted the need for a fresh and fairer approach to New Zealand’s real estate market: “Many people don’t have thousands of dollars in their pocket to pay upfront for the marketing of their homes and that’s why we cover these costs and help customers sell their homes for one fair flat fee.”

Salesforce supports Tall Poppy’s approach and is helping the business to grow in a sustainable way while providing an exceptional experience to agents and customers.

Attracting and onboarding new talent

Tall Poppy doesn’t just compete with the industry for customers. The business’ growth depends on having a strong network of agents and it works hard to attract and retain the best. However, as Tall Poppy grew more ambitiously, the time spent on recruitment and onboarding became a barrier.

The business brought in Salesforce to streamline these processes and ultimately transform its marketing. Working with Salesforce partner Be Intelligent, Tall Poppy has centralised its data, automated its processes, and achieved remarkable gains in efficiency.

All recruitment leads are now managed in Sales Cloud where they can be graded and reported on more easily.  Once leads are ready to join Tall Poppy, Sales Cloud helps automate their onboarding from end-to-end. For instance, integration with third-party systems facilitates identity and licensing checks which were previously done manually. Conga Composer from the AppExchange automatically generates employment agreements based on agents’ details. The contracts can then be reviewed and signed online. Finally, Sales Cloud interfaces with multiple internal systems to automate provisioning to more than 10 services agents need to do their job.

“In the past, everything hung on enthusiasm and hard work whereas we’re now supported by Salesforce. It’s made our lives easier and reduced the time to onboard new agents from two weeks to one day,” said Heidi Roberts, Head of Brand & Digital Performance  for Tall Poppy.

Accelerating pipeline and growth

Tall Poppy is now onboarding new agents faster than ever. The business is also empowering agents by generating and nurturing leads centrally so that they can focus on sales. Marketing Cloud underpins Tall Poppy’s digital marketing strategy and will replace multiple systems and spreadsheets to enable much more efficient and automated engagement. 

For example, rather than spending time exporting and importing lists between different systems, Tall Poppy will be able to manage all of its leads on one central platform. It will also be able to build different journeys to nurture leads more personally. For example, using Advertising Studio it will be able to serve up ads about its fair flat fees to home sellers who have had appraisals but not yet signed on with Tall Poppy. 

Real-time insights from Datorama will help the marketing team to proactively optimise campaigns and is on track to reduce time spent on reporting by four days per month.  Datorama also provides a consolidated view of marketing campaign performance.

Tall Poppy currently works with a lead generation partner, MVF, and plans to work with additional partners in the future. MVF uses an API to send leads right into Salesforce where they can be nurtured and allocated out to agents automatically, and Tall Poppy plans to enable future partners to do the same.  

Through all of these changes, Tall Poppy expects to reduce its customer acquisition costs to just 10% of industry average. This is part of its deliberate strategy to change the way things work in the industry and provide customers with fair flat fees. 

“The more we can lower the cost of customer acquisition, the more value we can provide to our customers and that will allow us to grow even further,” said Cummins. “Additionally, for most people, their home is their primary asset and when they are ready to sell, they are very selective about who they partner with. We need to educate them and convince them of what we can do and Salesforce supports us to do that.” 

Cummins added that the business is now increasing its market share by doing things better than its competitors and that includes customer support. Tall Poppy has recently launched a new website and is using Service Cloud to manage web form enquiries and communicate with customers via live chat. 

Tall Poppy is also enhancing the agent experience by making all learning and development, marketing assets, and information like commission statements available through a single portal built on Experience Cloud. This includes access to AP Litmos Learning Management System from the AppExchange.

“When agents need something, they usually need it in real time and we are very mindful about making things easy,” said Roberts. “Salesforce helps us to leverage the very best technology and the very best partners to power their business and allow them to focus on what they do best, which is selling.”


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