The Entourage

Salesforce underpins our ability to reach more people and provide an experience that’s effortless for customers.”

Jack Delosa, Founder and CEO of The Entourage


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The Entourage transforms training and learning for small business owners with the help of Salesforce

The Entourage is Australia's largest training institution for entrepreneurs with a community of 360,000 small to medium-sized business owners. It delivers content, programs and events that help customers grow business fast, and it’s expanding rapidly itself with ambitious plans for the future.

Jack Delosa, Founder and CEO of The Entourage, said the company was on a mission to revolutionise training for business owners on a global scale. “We’ve spent the last eight years focused on building the best training program in the world when it comes to genuinely enabling businesses to grow commercially. The next eight years for us is about taking our program global.”

“Salesforce underpins our ability to reach more people and provide an experience that’s effortless for customers,” he said.

Rebuilding for scale

Today, The Entourage is set for scale, but just a few years ago it was operationally messy. There was no central view of customers or pipeline, or consistent way of managing service.

“Three or four years in, we were like a lot of businesses in that we were a victim of our success. We had gained new customers quickly, but didn’t have the right systems in place to service them,” explained Tim Morris, General Manager of The Entourage. “So despite our best intentions, something minor would slip through the cracks and suddenly become a big issue.”

Seeking to provide a better customer experience, The Entourage centralised service with Salesforce.  Not long after, the company adopted Sales Cloud. Using both solutions together gave it a much better way to manage the entire customer lifecycle.

“For the first time, we had full visibility into our sales pipeline and a cross-company view of each customer,” said Morris. “We could track customers from lead to opportunity through to membership and manage all of their information in one place.” 

Nurturing growth

The Entourage is now using Pardot to automate marketing and improve engagement with leads and customers. As soon as someone opts in to communications or registers for an event, they are funnelled through a nurture journey. Similarly, new members are sent on a welcome journey, tailored to whichever program they subscribe to. Customers are better supported throughout the sales process and beyond, and lead conversion is up 5%.

Morris was enthusiastic about the benefits of using a single platform to manage sales, service and marketing as well. “What’s great about Salesforce is that as your business grows, it helps you manage all the different pieces of the puzzle,” he said. “We can run dashboards on every part of the business and identify how we can better support customers throughout their lifecycle.

Nurturing growth

The Entourage has most recently adopted Community Cloud to replace its more traditional Learning Management System (LMS). This has streamlined member onboarding and provided faster access to content while completely changing the way training is delivered. Instead of participating in specific programs with linear journeys, members can search for the content and training most relevant to their needs.

“Traditional education doesn’t work well for a lot of entrepreneurs. They’re focused on finding their own path and solving the challenges they have right now. What we’ve built using Community Cloud allows them to do that and increases the value they get from their membership,” said Morris.

The use of Community Cloud also helps The Entourage fully leverage Salesforce as its one central source of truth. It can tailor sales, service and marketing and deliver training in a more valuable way and has a complete view of every member. Next, it plans to scale support even further and apply predictive intelligence to training using Einstein.

“Our membership base is still steadily growing and our retention rate is 90%. Compared to traditional vocational training, it really is phenomenal,” said Morris. “I also love that we have gone through this journey and can now help our members with some of the same challenges.”


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