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We are a data-driven organisation and make every decision based on fact and analysis. Salesforce has helped us apply that to our digital strategy in a more sophisticated way.”

Roni Perlov | Chief Financial Officer


Increase in mobile conversion rates


True Alliance uses Salesforce to bring shoppers and brands closer together

Since 1982, True Alliance has helped more than 20 of the world’s most famous brands build their businesses and achieve success in Australia and New Zealand, including market leaders like Speedo, The North Face, Lacoste, Wrangler, Lee, Ben Sherman and Coach.  These businesses have relied on True Alliance to execute their global marketing and sales strategies and to grow and develop their market positions on a multi-channel basis across wholesale, retail and online channels.

“There are a lot of challenges for international brands entering the local market, including complicated logistics and the high cost of doing business and servicing a market which is large geographically, but has a small population compared to North America or Europe,” said Roni Perlov, Chief Financial Officer at True Alliance. “We work with brands to navigate these challenges and provide them with services and an infrastructure built on best-in-class platforms which allow them to scale and grow in a cost-effective manner.”

Today, this infrastructure includes new digital marketing and ecommerce capabilities, which are underpinned by Salesforce and helping brands connect with local shoppers in entirely new ways.

A foundation for new experiences

True Alliance started on its journey with Salesforce in 2012 just as it was moving into the digital marketing space. It adopted Sales Cloud first to gain new insights into customers which it could use to personalise engagement.

“We are a data-driven organisation and make every decision based on fact and analysis. Salesforce has helped us apply that to our digital strategy in a more sophisticated way," said Perlov.

Now, True Alliance has a single view of customers for each of its brands which acts as the foundation for new and more personalised customer experiences. The company has also begun building on this foundation with new technology and a new approach to digital.

Ken Kennedy, Group Head of Digital at True Alliance, was brought into the company to drive this transformation which has effectively reinvented the purchasing journey.

"What we've done is take the customer data in Sales Cloud and layered it with Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud so we can apply technologies like predictive intelligence to deliver more personalised experiences," said Kennedy. “Through the use of Quip and an overhaul of internal processes like campaign sign-offs, we have also improved the efficiency and speed with which we can launch new campaigns.”

Building for scale

For True Alliance, implementing Commerce Cloud was key to helping brands provide a better experience for customers online. The legacy platform it had in place wasn’t optimised for mobile traffic. Also, development on the platform was slow and difficult which limited the company’s ability to deploy new features.

"Using our legacy platform, we would have had to redevelop our brand websites one at a time, and we would have been trapped in a constant cycle of development," said Kennedy. "Commerce Cloud provided a flexible alternative and allowed us to launch mobile-first sites in record time.”

Working closely with Salesforce and Deloitte Digital, True Alliance was able to deploy Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud and rebuild three of its brand websites in just four months. Also, by working alongside the project team and learning new skills on Trailhead, True Alliance was able to continue the project on its own and deliver a further 10 sites in 5 months.

All of these sites include mobile responsive design and an easy check out process for shoppers who want to browse and make purchases right from their mobile. The sites also offer more stable performance, with the move to Commerce Cloud ensuring 99.9% uptime.

“Black Friday was a big test for us and we passed it with no issues despite a significant increase in traffic over last year,” said Kennedy.  “For some brands, we also experienced an increase in sales of up to 98% and an average YoY increase in mobile conversion of 131%

Optimising success

True Alliance is building on these results by using Marketing Cloud to automate and personalise customer journeys. It has started with basic welcome and reactivation journeys and plans to use Einstein Analytics to power more intelligent journeys and provide customers tailored offers. True Alliance is already using Einstein Product Recommendations on its websites and this will allow it to apply the solution to more of its digital channels and offer customers more personalised experiences. The company is also focused on optimising marketing spend and using Salesforce to increase the effectiveness of paid search campaigns.

All of this innovation is taking place at a fast pace thanks to the broad skill set and commitment of internal team members and the support they’ve had from Salesforce and Deloitte Digital. “One of the things that’s been unique about working with Salesforce is how the culture of Salesforce has permeated through our teams and helped to keep the team inspired and motivated. Salesforce has created a wonderful community where people can learn and share new ideas and that’s really resonated with our team and supported our rapid innovation,” said Perlov. 


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