Turnkey Joint Ventures

Revenue is up 46%. We couldn’t have achieved this without Salesforce.”

Brett Fort, Business Development Manager

Property group builds relationships and revenue with Salesforce

When referrals underpin the growth of your business, it makes sense to strengthen relationships and give your partners what they need. This is what led Turnkey Joint Ventures to Salesforce. Turnkey sources high performing investment properties for clients, most of whom are referred by its joint venture partners. However, the business was not getting the results it wanted and needed a better way to manage its partners.

“We wanted a solution that would help us build trust with our partners and grow our respective businesses. With the powerful combination of Sales Cloud and Pardot, we’ve achieved this and increased revenue by 46% in just six months,” said Brett Fort, Business Development Manager.

Pardot marketing automation gives the business everything it needs to effectively create and manage joint marketing campaigns. Campaigns can be created and launched in just two weeks whereas previously it took months. Campaigns are also more targeted. “Before, we were sending out blanket campaigns that went out to everyone in our database. Now we have the ability to segment our lists and nurture leads with tailored content and offers. This has helped increase lead conversion from 18 to 33%.”

Turnkey Joint Ventures and its partners are also using Pardot for lead scoring with workflows set up within Sales Cloud to immediately notify sales of high probability leads. For example, if someone downloads three white papers from the website, it triggers an action for the sales team. “Lead scoring has been a major factor in the increased success of our partners. They can focus on prospects we know are interested and make contact with them while they are still on our website. It all happens in real time.”

All leads and campaign metrics are captured in Sales Cloud with dashboards visible to both Turnkey Joint Ventures and its partners. Visualforce is used to display data from external sources while CloudAMP from the Salesforce AppExchange brings in data from Google Analytics.

Partners enjoy being able to track the success of their own campaigns and compare stats in Sales Cloud with their own. It also gives them confidence in working with Turnkey Joint Ventures and helps build trust.

Brett credits the improved trust with the business’ huge boost in revenue. “We couldn’t have achieved this any other way than through Salesforce.”

Managing partners is easy with Sales Cloud and Pardot and has given Turnkey Joint Ventures the ability to scale. Brett says, “Salesforce allows us to quickly form partnerships with businesses of all sizes. We provide them with a Salesforce Partner Licence and set them up with dashboards so they can monitor and measure the performance of their campaigns and track the status of their deals. We can focus on bringing on new partners which we just couldn’t do before.”


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