White Fox Boutique

I knew that bringing everything onto one platform would help us to elevate the customer experience and that Salesforce could support our future growth.”

Caitlin Lacy | CRM Manager, White Fox Boutique

White Fox Boutique personalises engagement to build on explosive growth

Australian fashion brand White Fox Boutique was launched in 2013 in true start-up style with founders Georgia Contos and Daniel Contos filling orders from their garage. Harnessing the power of social media and influencer marketing, the brand has cultivated a global fan base and has been growing year-on-year.

White Fox Boutique is building on this momentum by using Salesforce to elevate and personalise the customer experience. It is also driving engagement through omni-channel journeys that cut across the channels its customers love most.

“We are now able to reach customers at every touchpoint with a level of personalisation we’ve never had before,” said Caitlin Lacy, CRM Manager, White Fox Boutique.

Powering connected and scalable engagement

White Fox Boutique previously used multiple platforms for marketing, including one for email, one for SMS, and another for customer data. Marketing had to move from one platform to the next to manage campaigns and there was no holistic view of the customer.

When Lacy joined the business, she seized the opportunity to bring everything onto one platform. And with prior experience using Salesforce, she felt it was the right fit in terms of features and scale.

“I knew that bringing everything onto one platform would help us to elevate the customer experience and that Salesforce could support our future growth,” said Lacy.

White Fox Boutique has now adopted Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud. Service Cloud serves as the brand’s CRM, centralising data from systems such as Shopify as well as Peazie, an app used to acquire new customers through giveaway promotions.

Bringing this data into a central space makes it easier to track and report on customer behaviour and performance. For example, the brand can track customer spending to calculate ROI from campaigns and promotions. More importantly, it can identify and respond to customer preferences.

Building engagement and growth

Omni-channel journeys are key to building engagement and growth and White Fox Boutique has built more than a dozen of these with Marketing Cloud Engagement. Journeys include welcome journeys, win-back journeys, and abandoned cart journeys and combine email, SMS, and ads on social media.

SMS has been especially popular with White Fox Boutique’s target audience and contributed to the success of the brand’s Black Friday sales in 2021.

"It is so much easier to build journeys and we can do things we simply couldn't do before, like send an email and then follow up with an SMS if it's unopened," said Lacy. “Our customers really love SMS as well—to the extent we saw a 40% uplift in sales on the days we sent SMS surrounding Black Friday.”

Marketing Cloud Personalization helps White Fox Boutique make every touchpoint more relevant. For example, emails and ads include product recommendations and images tailored to customers’ purchases and browsing behaviour.

Results include a two percent average click-through rate on personalised product recommendations and average click-through and conversion rates of two and a half and five percent on personalised banners on White Fox Boutique’s homepage. An abandoned cart pop-up on the website has also driven amazing results, including a 27% click-through rate and 10% conversion rate.

Driving innovation and expansion

On top of all this, White Fox Boutique uses Slack to collaborate and accelerate workflow. The secure, channel-based messaging platform has almost completely replaced email for all internal communication and has reduced the time to gain feedback and sign-off of projects and campaigns by more than 50%. This means changes can be executed in a matter of minutes rather than hours.

Leveraging Trailhead and Premier Support, White Fox Boutique continues to innovate with Salesforce and build on these results. For instance, it uses A/B testing extensively to optimise communication and will soon trigger emails and journeys in real-time, making a massive difference to time-sensitive communications like abandoned cart journeys

And while Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud have consolidated and streamlined reporting, the brand plans to use Marketing Cloud Intelligence to gain a deeper understanding of how different channels and influencers drive engagement and sales. For example, with Marketing Cloud Intelligence providing an omni-channel view of the customer, White Fox Boutique will be able to report on metrics across all digital channels, including those managed via Salesforce as well as paid media, organic, and website visits. The insights gained will help the business make data-driven decisions to drive further increases in revenue and return on investment.

In addition to expanding on its digital innovation, White Fox Boutique has a series of events and influencer partnerships planned to increase brand awareness overseas.

“Everything we’re doing over the next six to twelve months is going to set us up for the next three to five years of growth,” said Lacy.


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