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Salesforce has become the beating heart of our organisation. It drives our workflow and allows us to see all our customers, orders, inventory, influencers, and suppliers in one place.”

Adam Bouris | Head of Growth, who is elijah

who is elijah uses Salesforce to scale with ease and grow its brand globally

who is elijah is an independently owned and rapidly growing fragrance house. Founder & Creative Director Raquel Bouris established the brand in 2018 following a trip to California. While there, Raquel discovered a scented oil which inspired her to create her own fragrances, focusing on gender-fluid scents and prioritising an ethical and sustainable approach with respect to ingredients and packaging.

Starting out in the corner of a two-bedroom apartment and selling direct to consumers, who is elijah  quickly built a loyal customer base and secured wholesalers across Australia and the United States. Its vision now is to become a global brand with its fragrances within grasp of every parfum lover.

“We want people to find us wherever they are and be there in those special moments like going on holiday or out for a romantic dinner. That’s because we see fragrance like music; it can help you encapsulate and return to those moments over and over,” said Adam Bouris, Head of Growth at who is elijah.

The fragrance house is using Salesforce to scale and is well on its way to achieving its vision with a 500% increase in sales over the past six months alone. It's also deepening its relationships with wholesale customers who will be key to its growth globally.

“In 2018, I thought I had started a perfume company, however in reality, I quickly learned I was running an inventory and logistics company. Salesforce has allowed me to go back to being creative and doing what I love, which is to create perfume,” said Raquel.

Ambitious beginnings

Raquel was new to the fragrance and beauty industry, but driven to quickly bring her idea to life. She worked alongside a perfumer to create HIS |HER which is the brand’s signature fragrance. The logistics of getting the fragrance into the hands of consumers were more challenging.

who is elijah produces its eau de parfums at its warehouse in Sydney using ingredients from all over the world. Each bottle is hand-filled and shipments are sent out each day to consumers and wholesalers. In the past, a series of manual processes and disconnected systems made this difficult and left the brand unable to accurately forecast.

The brand was also experiencing rapid growth in its wholesale division, but with everything being managed out of spreadsheets, it was increasingly difficult to keep track of orders and manage relationships.

“We were really struggling with management of our wholesale channel, orders, and inventory. That was the key trigger for us to say, okay, stop, what do we need to do here,” said Adam. “The business was still young and small, but I wanted to ensure we were ready to handle the volumes that would come through in the future.”

who is elijah initially considered a few point solutions that would address different needs like wholesale management. However, the brand ultimately decided to use Salesforce, preferring to manage everything from one platform.

“I didn’t realise the extent to which Salesforce could essentially stitch these different capabilities together, and that made it a really good choice for us in the end,” said Adam. “It was an investment for us as a small business, but it’s now saving us almost 3x what we put into it.”

Unlocking scale

who is elijah was able to finance their Salesforce solution through BidFin's flexible payment plan and implement with support from strategy and technology consulting firm Arcturious. Arcturious led a series of human centred discovery workshops using principals from Design Thinking to understand the brand and its ideal future state before mapping out a solution to simplify and automate operations. The two businesses worked closely together throughout the implementation, using Slack to communicate quickly and keep the project moving.

“There was a lot of time and effort put into the implementation, but it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience with a perfect outcome,” said Adam.“Salesforce has become the beating heart of our organisation. It drives our workflow and allows us to see all our customers, orders, inventory, influencers and suppliers in one place.”

Implemented in just six weeks, the solution includes streamlined order management for both wholesale and retail customers. On the wholesale side of the business, orders come in via email. These emails create a case in Service Cloud which drives fulfillment and triggers invoicing through Xero.

On the retail side, orders come in directly via Shopify or THE ICONIC before being routed into Salesforce with the help of Zapier and IDA Connect.

Salesforce Field Service then orchestrates order and inventory management along with Arcturious’ Order and Inventory Management Accelerator.

For the first time, who is elijah can view and manage all its orders in one place. Instead of wasting time sorting orders and printing labels from multiple systems, it can start each morning with a single list in Salesforce of all orders to be sent. “Everyone can see straight away what they need to do for the day. There’s no more unknowns which is a huge relief when you have 300 orders you’re trying to get out the door each day,” said Adam.

The enhanced process has helped the brand scale to manage a 500% increase in direct to consumer sales in just six months. At the same time, it’s reduced warehouse administration by up to two and a half hours each day while driving down errors. In fact, the brand estimates savings of $6,000 per month alone as a result of increased accuracy in packing and shipping orders.

Total savings are in excess of $240,000 per year and include a reduction in time and costs related to inventory and wholesale management.

who is elijah also has much more transparency over orders, making it easier to accurately forecast and order the right amount of raw materials to keep up with demand. Management of suppliers and inventory has also been streamlined through the use of Field Service and Arcturious’ Order and Inventory Management Accelerator. For example, the brand can now easily track and manage orders for raw materials and has complete visibility of those materials from the time they enter the warehouse through to when they become part of the finished product on the shelf. This helps the brand to efficiently manage its stock and ensure timely replenishment.

Driving opportunity

who is elijah’s wholesale customers are key to its global growth and, with Salesforce, it’s able to better manage those relationships and drive new opportunities. For starters, Sales Cloud has replaced spreadsheets to provide the brand with a complete view of current and potential wholesale customers. This includes visibility of when wholesalers last ordered, helping the brand proactively touch base with those who’ve been inactive.

Salesforce has also helped who is elijah streamline onboarding of wholesalers. An application form built using Experience Cloud and Lightning Flow captures new wholesaler details and routes them to who is elijah for assessment. This assessment includes reviewing brand alignment and using Salesforce Maps to visualise the wholesaler’s location and ensure it doesn’t pose a conflict with current customers.

If the partnership is ideal, who is elijah uses Salesforce and DocuSign from the AppExchange to generate and send out a contract in just two clicks. The process is much more efficient, saving up to one or two hours a day depending on the number of applications. There’s also complete visibility of applications and contracts, meaning anyone in the team can step into help with onboarding.

“Part of my mission when I began working here full time was to remove a lot of the hassles that stood in the way of people doing their jobs and that’s really what all this automation has been about,” said Adam. “For Raquel, it means she can be the founder that she was meant to be and focus on increasing the reach of the business without worrying about things like how much product is on the shelf.”

who is elijah is continuing to leverage Salesforce to grow and scale its business globally. For example, working with Arcturious it has built a solution on Sales Cloud to manage and report on influencer activity. One of the benefits of the solution is the ability to track the discount codes assigned to influencers and therefore attribute revenue back to their campaigns. This information ultimately helps the brand focus on building relationships with influencers who will have the most positive impact.

In the future, Experience Cloud will be extended to create a portal where wholesalers can self-serve. For example, they will be able to place orders, raise cases, and find answers to frequently asked questions. They will also be able to access pricing which is calculated with Sales Cloud and a pricing formula built by Arcturious which helps the brand manage multi-currency pricing with ease.

With all of this in place, Adam says he’s confident in the brand’s ability to quickly land and scale in new markets, including New Zealand, the UK, and Europe which are all on the future horizon.

“We have created this really forward-facing brand that’s going to have a big impact in the perfume industry and with Salesforce we now have the infrastructure underneath to just go and drive that opportunity,” said Adam.


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