Michelle Bridges 12WBT

"Salesforce Desk allows us to be a lot more organised, a lot more efficient in supporting our members"

- Gabi Bruce
Fitness & Nutrition Team Leader, 12WBT

Transforming the fitness industry … one burpee at a time

Michelle Bridges is a household name in Australia. As the nation’s most recognised fitness fanatic, she is a brand unto herself. And she has put her brand behind one of the fastest-growing fitness companies in the country.

The 12 Week Body Transformation (12WBT), which first started in 2010 out of a desire to help anyone, anywhere who wanted to lose weight and get active, has attracted tens of thousands of members. Collectively, these people have shed a massive 700,000 kilograms.

It has been a monumental journey for Michelle and her 12WBT team – and the growth has been facilitated by a rock-solid customer service application, Salesforce Desk.com.

Building a motivated, connected community

Anyone can sign up for the 12WBT. Given that  members come from all over the country – and now the world – it has been crucial to create a powerful platform for communicating to these members.

This communication takes many shapes. The 30 or so 12WBT Support Crew staff are online to respond to members’ queries about exercise, nutrition, website queries and provide ongoing encouragement and support. In the member forums, people can share their experiences during the program. Then there are the knowledge articles; the social media interactions; the live chat sessions; and support services.

"We were working from a state of organised chaos before Salesforce Desk came along," said Gabi Bruce, Fitness & Nutrition Team Leader, 12WBT. "Not anymore. We respond to all customer enquiries – including those from social channels – through Desk. We are giving consistent advice, with one consistent ‘12WBT voice’ and we are streamlining the way we interact with members."

Delivering a more tailored service

Every person has unique fitness goals and training needs. With Salesforce Desk, the 12WBT team has a wealth of research and information at their fingertips, and they can easily search and tailor this information for individuals’ circumstances.

Furthermore, this tailored information is delivered in the right way, via the right channel, to each member. Salesforce Desk provides a consistent platform for answering all questions.

Business insights drive further growth

Salesforce Desk is capturing and delivering invaluable insights about 12WBT customers. Its rich analytics and reporting capabilities enable the team to measure enquiry types, channels, response times and more – and shape their offering accordingly.

Internally, it is used to monitor productivity and ensure that the team continues to meet service levels.

In all, Salesforce Desk enables the rapidly growing 12WBT team to maintain a high level of transparency, which ultimately means great service for the tens of thousands of members that sign up to each 12WBT Round.

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