"As a young company, you need to ensure that sales, marketing and customer success have the tools to do what they need to do which is to focus on the customer. We have that now with Salesforce."

Sean McCreanor,
CEO and Founder

Assignar helps customers build success with insight and automation

Assignar helps construction companies achieve operational harmony with its cloud-based software used to manage people, processes, assets and compliance. It offers customers increased visibility into their business, enabling new efficiencies and an improved customer experience. It’s no surprise then that the start-up sought a platform that could deliver insights and automation.

Sean McCreanor, CEO and Founder of Assignar said, “We wanted a solution that would not only help us with the sales process but would also automate our workflows and help us better understand our customers and their experience. That’s why we moved to Salesforce.”

Now, leads flow from the website into Salesforce and then on to the sales team. Every sales and marketing touch point is also captured in Salesforce with reps gathering as much data as possible during each meeting and demo. This includes current processes, pain points and technology through to details about the decision makers and champions within each business. All of these insights combined help Assignar to close more deals, more quickly and manage the 300% growth the company has experienced since implementing Salesforce.

Any bottlenecks in the sales process have been removed with reps able to price up deals and issue proposals and licensing agreements automatically within Salesforce. The reps simply enter the number of licenses and training required and generate the proposals automatically using Conga Composer from the Salesforce AppExchange. Licensing agreements are generated the same way and signed off seamlessly with DocuSign.

The entire process is automated from end-to-end, reducing the admin burden on each sales rep by up to four hours per week. Productivity and efficiency are further improved with reps using Salesforce to better manage their time and tasks. It’s now central to how they operate.

The data captured within Salesforce helps management track sales activity and forecast more accurately. They can drill down into prospects and customers based on size and industry. They can analyse the data to spot pipeline trends and predict behaviour – such as how long a prospect may sit in the sales funnel. Management can easily measure sales KPIs and monitor performance of sales staff with reports and dashboards.

New insights captured in Salesforce are also powering customer success and making account management transparent across the entire company. The customer success team now has a 360 degree view of each customer, and can see which modules of the Assignar platform are used most frequently. A traffic light system set up within Salesforce alerts them to accounts where use could be improved. From there, they can start to tailor marketing and education and work with customers to leverage the platform in new ways. All interactions are tracked in Salesforce.

“As a SaaS company, you want to know exactly how much of your platform the customer is using and then work with them to maximise the benefits – particularly in those first three months when adoption is critical. Salesforce makes this whole process much easier,” said McCreanor.

Tracking platform use also helps management make decisions on where to invest in new features. For instance, if Assignar knows 80 per cent of customers are using a particular module, it can prioritise improvements to ensure a great experience.

With a comprehensive view of the business from Sydney to Silicon Valley along with a seamless workflow, Assignar can continue to scale without the admin pressures of the past. Sales are more targeted, deals are signed faster and customers supported to use Assignar’s platform to its full potential.

“As a young company, you need to ensure that sales, marketing and customer success have the tools to do what they need to do which is to focus on the customer. We have that now with Salesforce,” said McCreanor.  

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