Careers Australia

"We’ve reached the point that Salesforce is the single source of truth that runs our business."

Pierce Wittke
National Manager, Systems Application Support

Careers Australia: Getting real power from the Salesforce Platform

Careers Australia is an award-winning Vocational Education and Training (VET) with a clear remit to support students on their life-changing journeys of learning.

Traditionally a bricks-and-mortar education provider with campuses in or near most major cities around Australia, Careers Australia recently began on a journey to expand its offering to include B2B and online services, and an international students program. The move was in response to market demand and the changing ways students like to access their coursework.

Careers Australia started using Sales Cloud for student engagement within the company’s call centre. But, as Pierce Wittke, National Manager Systems Application Support, Careers Australia, said, “Things started to get exciting when we decided to build our entire student management system on Salesforce.”

Careers Australia wanted to create a bespoke system that would put the student at the centre of everything they do, and fundamentally improve the way that students would liaise with the business.

With the new student management system up and running, Careers Australia was ready to expand into the online learning space, to reach more students in more locations while maintaining a real sense of community and connection. This involved integrating with learning management system Blackboard.

Salesforce informs the relevant people within Careers Australia whenever a student needs a helping hand in their learning journey. “Salesforce helps us maintain a duty of care to our students, so that we can proactively help those that need it to get back on track.,” Wittke said.

It’s not just the students that benefit from the platform. Careers Australia trainers, some of whom work remotely, also have real-time access to their students’ profiles on any device. Trainers see relevant information like name, phone number and activity history with every interaction, which lets them engage with students in the most appropriate way and help students to keep pace with their courses.

One area of education that can’t be taken too seriously is regulatory compliance. Salesforce is helping Careers Australia provide regular, comprehensive reports to government about all student interactions; and rigorously adhere to the rules set down by government bodies.

“VET is a heavily regulated space. At any time, we may need to provide a granular level of detail – Salesforce is an invaluable tool for doing this quickly, efficiently and accurately. We can back everything up with facts. In a single click on the student record we can see all past interactions,” said Wittke.

Careers Australia is not stopping there – it’s set on continuing to evolve its technical capability for supporting students using Sandbox development, testing and training environments.

Careers Australia is now using Salesforce throughout it’s business. “The biggest benefit of Salesforce doesn’t come from one particular cloud or another. It’s about having it all together, having a single source of truth for everything. Salesforce drives our sales, service, marketing, student interactions … it’s the place for everything,” said Wittke.

“We are very excited about getting new Salesforce innovations up and running, to let our students to achieve even more, and to give our internal customers and staff an even better user experience. With Salesforce, there’s no limit to what we can do.”