Catch Group

"We have a start up culture, and we like to get good ideas up and running quickly. That's why we invested in Salesforce"

Katherine Rau,
General Manager, Human Resources

Australia's #1 online shopping group fast-tracks growth with Salesforce

Catch Group is Australia’s largest online retail group. With its flagship daily deal site, the group operates four other online properties, including a site dedicated to deals for services, called Scoopon; online supermarket GroceryRun; a site for mums with kids, called Mumgo; and food delivery service EatNow.

In 2010, Catch Group put Salesforce Sales Cloud at the centre of Scoopon’s operations. Sales Cloud connects all the threads – clients, leads, opportunities, creative briefs and contracts – and keeps Catch Group’s sales and service agents in the picture and primed to take the next step. Chatter keeps everyone talking and creates a searchable history of what’s been said. And Salesforce reporting and task management tracks and measures approval processes.

Potential suppliers submit their details online and contact Scoopon’s sales team directly via phone and email. Sales Cloud notifications and task prompts manage the to-and-fro as deal offers and conditions are finalised and approved. Offer and contract documents are also tracked and signed in Sales Cloud, and the Salesforce1 mobile-ready platform keeps everyone working on the screen of their choice, wherever they choose to work.

Catch Group’s online food delivery service EatNow also runs on Sales Cloud. Launched with 400 restaurants in 2012, EatNow is the place where hungry people go to order food and arrange delivery from handily located restaurants. The service is proving to be a hit. Today, EatNow has 3,500 restaurants and thousands of Australian customers on its books.

EatNow’s operations manager Nathan Airey is the chief architect of the systems that have made this service company the king of its category. Flexibility is everything, he says, and it’s the reason why he’s such a big fan of Salesforce.

“Our business changes quickly,” says Airey. “With Salesforce, anything I can dream I can build. We’re always adding new people, workloads, communications and actions. Salesforce makes it easy.”

Like its Catch Group stablemate Scoopon, EatNow’s formative stages were shackled to spreadsheets.

“When you face a business problem, spreadsheets are easy for people to pick up and understand,” he says. “But as they become part of your day-to-day business, they become more difficult to manage and track. So you end up having to create another process to ensure nothing gets lost. And that’s where Salesforce has stepped in – we’ve got a single system that has upstaged spreadsheets.”

It used to take EatNow seven days to process an application lodged by a new restaurant. Now the process takes just three days. Menus change, and when you’re managing 3,500 restaurants, change requests come in thick and fast. Give us four days, EatNow used to say. Today, menu changes are done and dusted within 14 hours. Salesforce dashboards track these requests, among others, which help EatNow to schedule extra workers at the right times.

Salesforce tracks and follows up every EatNow customer enquiry. Salesforce provides the company with the tools to identify customer feedback – phone and email – and turn things around quickly. The process has cut order rejection from four per cent to just one per cent.

Catch Group’s work style is defined by words like ‘social’ and ‘collaboration’. Catch Group’s general manager of HR, Katherine Rau, is changing the way the company monitors performance goals and the methods it uses to get the very best from its people.

“Salesforce is much more than performance management,” she says. “It is a collaborative, employee-led model of engagement that is much more social than traditional HR management. Yet it still provides leaders and HR with a platform to track, measure and analyse personal, team and organisational KPIs,” says Rau.

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