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"What we’ve achieved with Salesforce in 12 months is far more than we could have with any other system"

—Gian Minns
Head of Automotive

Automotive traders find dealing with Gumtree easy

Gumtree launched in Australia in 2007 as a place for buyers and sellers to connect. On averages, every Australian visits Gumtree 2.4 times every month. It’s a customer based, customer driven site: “Without customers we don’t have a business,” says head of automotive, Gian Minns.

When Gumtree launched its automotive offering for car dealers, it took a startup approach, building the business from scratch with the flexibility and agility of a brand new business, using best practice systems and processes.

Connecting the business on a common platform

The central component to the automotive business is Salesforce Platform, sharing a common set of customer data across Sales, Customer Service and Marketing.

The Sales Cloud, built on Salesforce Platform, makes customer data available to Business Development Managers (BDMs) instantly. Delivering customer records and histories to them on the mobile devices in their pockets gives them access to the information they need, when they need it – even in mid-conversation. It’s the difference between making a sale and developing a lifecycle relationship.

The Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud deepens those relationships, giving Gumtree the ability to deliver personalized content and meaningful communications to dealers right out of Salesforce and, more importantly, bring the responses back into Salesforce for analysis. “We can gauge the reaction of our customers to every communication, know what’s working, and refine and improve for the next round.”

Service Cloud is the hub for all client queries. Recording and accessing all the same customer information as the sales organization, in one central place, means conversations pick up right where they're left off. Every client interaction builds upon the last. “If we get it right and we make every one of those conversations and interactions count, we can create a fantastic relationship with our customer,” says Minns.

Recipe for success

Gumtree Automotive sped from zero to a thousand customers in its first 12 months. “What we’ve achieved with Salesforce in 12 months is far more than we could have with any other system,” says Minns.

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