"With Salesforce we can sit back and conjure new ideas and, days later, they’re out in the field."

- JJ O’Brien,
Head of Sales and Marketing - Companion Animals, Jurox Pty. Ltd. | CEO Jurox Inc.

Smarter systems: ‘Click’ development gears up Australian animal health provider to outsmart global giants

When JJ O’Brien was appointed sales and marketing manager of Jurox – an Australian-owned veterinary pharmaceutical company his parents founded 22 years ago – business was booming.

The company had outgrown its Sydney base and moved to the Hunter Valley. Its product portfolio had grown from injectable equine products to 120 proprietary products for production and companion animals. And the company’s sales operation – two divisions covering vets and over-the-counter products – comfortably managed 18 territories across Australia.

But O’Brien wasn’t content with the status quo. He saw room for improvement as the company geared up for new overseas markets and the international rollout of flagship anaesthetic product, Alfaxan®.

Reaching Australia’s 2,400 veterinary practices is one thing, but doing the job in the UK (5,000 practices) and the US (27,000) is on a whole new level.

Undaunted, O’Brien got down to work, improving systems to better understand customers (principally wholesalers, resellers, pet stores, vets and farmers) and provide sales managers with easy access to good information.

Mobility was a key consideration. With so much ground to cover Jurox reps rarely sit – they rove.  

O’Brien opted for cloud-based services to deliver quick scale and simple tools to bootstrap Jurox’s budding global operation. He introduced Salesforce and drove the adoption of Sales Cloud to manage tasks, consolidate customer information and sales and marketing activity.

“We had to understand our customers better. Visibility was basically zero,” he said, highlighting the grave inadequacies of spreadsheets that served the company’s sales reporting. “We had to know what our sales people were doing, who they’d called, and more importantly, the commitments we’d made. And our sales managers required easy access to this information everywhere they worked.”

With the foundations of a connected enterprise in place, O’Brien turned his gaze to marketing.

When perception is everything, marketing is business lifeblood. Good products only get you so far and in new markets customers won’t reach for their wallets until they’re convinced about your products.

Getting noticed is a big job. Veterinary pharmaceutical industry regulations limit the style and content of marketing communications – there’s only so much you can say, and it must be supported by scientific fact.

Jurox went for focused brand-based campaigns, underpinned by automation that presented their products to the right people and applied established workflow to nurture prospective customers. Service Cloud keeps Jurox agents in front of customers and primed to answer questions.

“We’re small compared to our main competitors, so we must tell our story well and provide the right touch-points to reduce customer enquiry time,” said O’Brien.

“Salesforce makes the job easier. We can sit back and conjure new ideas and, days later, they’re out in the field. That’s the advantage we didn’t have before,” he said. “Salesforce makes a click by design approach possible. Building custom objects is easy when coding elements have been removed. We operate a small agile team, run tight deadlines and we are fast to market.”

Jurox revenue continues to grow at a double digital rate year-on-year. However, success so far hasn’t necessitated a recruitment drive. “We’re selling more with the same number of people,” said O’Brien.

As the business develops and new products are launched, O’Brien and his team have the tools to work smarter. The picture of sales and marketing requirements is clear, and O’Brien knows what’s working and what’s not, where sales are coming from, future big ticket sales, and opportunities for sales training.